The 'Shroom:Issue LXXXIX/Beyond 120 Stars

Beyond 120 Stars

by Megadardery (talk)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new article for The 'Shroom: Beyond 120 Stars. Megadardery is here with mind-blowing challenges and more for his favorite game.

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Ever thought that Super Mario 64 was too easy, or something? Ever thought that you don't want to play the same missions over, and over? Ever thought that you were too good for this game, but still don't know what else can you do? In this -overly useless- article, you will find -overly useless- challenges that you may enjoy, if you are a hard-core lover of SM64. You may also find some shortcuts that can be useful in speed-runs, or whatever. If you think you are an advanced player, try one of the challenges that is labeled as Very Hard!

*insert more introduction here*

Without further ado, let's-a-go.


Easy : For our easy challenge, we will take easy (duh!).. Look, you just need to stand on one of the colorful pillars in Princess Peach's Secret Slide. That's easy (double duh!), right?

Medium : As for our medium challenge, you know that Chain Chomp in Bob-omb Battlefield, correct? He is guarding a Red Coin, and five regular coins (which you can get by running around his post) To clear this challenge, you must simply get all his coins, without losing health.

Hard : If you are wondering what could be the hard challenge, then you are on the line, beat Koopa The Slow in Bob-omb battlefield, the catch is to wait one entire minute before starting racing him. Do not use the Wing Cap or the cannons; it ruins the fun.

Very Hard : For the very hard challenge, you will need some flying skills, you may also need some planning, so whatever. You know the very easy red coin star in Lethal Lava Land, ok? the goal is to get them... yay! not really, you need to collect them all, along with the star in one flight using the Wing Cap. *gasp* It is not as easy as you may guess. It is very hard, it becomes hard, once you know how. Also know it is a one-shot, miss one and you will probably have to start over.

Alright, now go turn on your N64 (or Virtual Console, you get my point..), and go try those challenges. Try hard, don't give up easily..

Spoilers!: Tips
Easy You can stand on the pillars in Princess Peach's by several ways, the easiest way, is to stand on the second-to-last pillar before the finish line, it is lower than the rest.
Medium The Chain Chomp stops for sometime before attacking again, he also doesn't attack if he can't see you.. That's your chance! when you are behind him, quickly run around the post.. After the coins are spawned, quickly run away. And return to collect all the coins at once.
Hard Koopa The Quick reaches the finish line in around 1 minute and 30 seconds, you can get to the finish line under thirty seconds several ways, but the easiest way is to rush to the white slope, hold A and walk up the slope pressing B repeatedly to climb-kick the slope. Then, run to the alcove to teleport up the mountain, Side Somersault to the top of the mountain, and then rush to the flag line, The Slow will be about to get to the flagpole.. Remember, you need to Long Jump several times to be fast enough to beat him.
Very Hard The most helpful tip if you cannot get the very hard challenge is simply stand on the fence by the rolling log (you can, either fly to the fence and ground pound on it. Or Side Somersault from near the rolling log star and wall kick, hold left on the control stick and grab the fence, then pull yourself. With the wing cap, triple jump and fly carefully to get the coins. Getting the coins can be tricky, the easiest way is to get the middle three coins, turn right and back (get some coins if you like, but that may be hard, so skip it), turn right again and get the three coins away from the Star Marker, turn right and get the last two coin along with the star.
Featured Shortcut

In this section, I will introduce you to a shortcut, difficulty can range.. however it can help you if you are a speed-runner. Also, note that I'm not using Backward Long Jumping, or any major sequence breaking glitches.

The shortcut of the month is in Cool, Cool Mountain. You know that -always missing- baby penguin in the course, right? One of the most boring missions... get the penguin, slide down till the snowman, continue on the narrow bridge with the two annoying snowmans, drop down for the mother. Not anymore, you just need to carry the penguin jump near the broken bridge, you will fall on a slope, carefully slide to under the bridge with the two snowmans, and slide on that slope, once that slope is over, you will ricochet for some reasons over the gap, and reach the mother in less than five seconds. Really, you don't need to press A at all. Actually, you will need to press it to advance the speech with the mom and get the star.

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