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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by YoshiKong (talk)
Shroom Spotlight Lakitu.png

Hello all you marvelous readers! YoshiKong here with August's edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! In case some of y'all haven't yet caught on, I'll give you a brief history lesson on the Spotlight project. It all started with an idea from Xzelion (talk), which was first brought up on the forums with the wiki admins on April 16, 2011. Originally referred to as "Wiki Game of the Month", it was proposed that this new project was to focus on improving articles relating to a game which has been released for some time. The collaboration was hoping to imitate the rush of users covering content for the newest game releases, which is usually the trend of the wiki. It was soon suggested by Marioguy1 (talk) that the project could be part of The 'Shroom.

“Having it be part of the 'shroom will give it a basis in the community. Part of the reason that PipeProjects don't work so well is that they aren't big enough - they don't "boom".”

The project debuted in The 'Shroom's 50th issue, where the focus was the article Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It didn't receive as much public input as the staff hoped, and after a few more editions it was soon abandoned. Following the retirement of both Xzelion and Marioguy1 from the admin team in 2013, Marshal Dan Troop (talk), former Fun Stuff director, suggested that the project be brought back, and it was, the first Spotlight edition in almost a year being released with April 2013's 'Shroom edition with the manager being none other than yours truly. So far in the several editions we have had since the re-establishment of the project, 'Shroom Spotlight has received an impressively high amount of input from many of our readers. Thank you to all who have shown an interest in helping with the Spotlight!

As for last month, deep apologies for the absence of an edition. I was unable to write to write one up due to inconsistent activity, but enough excuses. Let's take a look back on our Spotlight focus from two months back, which was Glowsquid's collaboration for the article WarioWare:Smooth Moves. From the commencement of the collaboration in May, and onwards from June's Spotlight edition, we were able to fill the empty sections, improve the story section, create a minigame and development section, create a few missing minigames pages, as well as the "list of quotes" article. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Spotlight Island DS.png

Now, for this month we will be taking yet another suggestion from our fine readers. Meet Yoshi876 (talk), a cool and funky MarioWiki user who loves Yoshis and 876es. He would like us to focus on a group of Yoshi's Island DS level articles which have been marked as a stub (requires a rewrite/expansion). The articles are as following:

For the most part, these articles are a solid paragraph long. But much effort could be put into expanding the info on the level layout, which is a standard of level articles. Good luck to you all, and we'll be reviewing our progress next month! If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback on 'Shroom Spotlight, be sure to post a comment here. Enjoy the rest of the issue!

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