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Section of the Month

Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
Brawl Tactics 18 81.82% Timmy (talk)
Interview 4 18.18% Superchao (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your almost-out-of-adjectives Co-director, Tucayo, here with last month's Main Team Section of the Month results. After our largest voting turnout and the biggest Main Team we had had in a while, we are now back to our two-section Main Team. But both were excellent sections, so quality is definitely not something we are missing!

Debuting writer, Timmy, gave us a great article explaining the various factors that will help you knock out an opponent in Brawl; whereas Fun Stuff Director Superchao interviewed Nabber for his July article. In the end, after 22 votes, Timmy won last month's SOTM with 18 votes. Perch came in second with 4 votes.

Please remember to vote, you will once again find the polls at the end of every Main article.

For the full list of SOTM winners, visit this page

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