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Opening Statement

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your respectable Co-director, Tucayo, here with this month's Opening Statement. And oh dear, it has definitely been a busy month, with the awards, the events, and some more changes we have in store for you, but not so busy news-wise. Still, let's get to the news.

  • Congratulations to Cirdec on having won our Zelda Drawing Contest from last issue, and thanks to everyone who participated! This is the winning drawing.
  • Special thanks to everyone who participated in the 'Shroom Awards IV; our host, presenters, voters, attendees, nominees... the ceremony wouldn't have been the same without you. We will be reviewing your suggestions as soon as possible, and we promise to leave a good groundwork for next year's awards.
  • The Main Team is in serious need of writers. Please take a look at the Sign Up page to see if there are any positions you're interested in. Or, if there aren't any positions that suit your taste, you can make one of your own!

And that is all this month. Enjoy the rest of the issue, it's a good one!

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