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In BradyGames Donkey Kong 64: Official Strategy Guide, this spider was called Spider, with a capital "S". Zakor1138 (talk) 19:33, 28 September 2012 (EDT)

Recent edits to this page[edit]

Can someone who is fluent in English please check and see if any of the recent "Smite" edits have any ground to stand on? Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 21:04, 15 June 2018 (EDT)

I don't know much about the game, but the text itself here seems fine to me. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:06, 15 June 2018 (EDT)
I was specifically meaning if it was in-line with the guide, I suppose I should have specified that as well. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 21:24, 15 June 2018 (EDT)
Oh. Yeah, can't help with that :P Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 21:28, 15 June 2018 (EDT)
I found an online version, and it looks like it's just a phrase like a number of other headings in the guide, to "smite the spider." Samus costume, in Super Mario Maker. Mario JC 22:32, 15 June 2018 (EDT)
Weird how this page was never moved to "Smite", though I guess that saved a lot of link fixing. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 00:27, 16 June 2018 (EDT)
I had a hunch it was that sort of thing. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 01:36, 16 June 2018 (EDT)