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Yo, this is Zakor1138.

User thoughts of Mariowiki

A really cool site with great info on Mario games.

Silly things some people do on this wiki

  • Constantly creating troll accounts that are named after a wiki admin. (Do you have nothing better to do?)
  • Believing Toad is actually Blue Toad in Super Mario 3D World and using an e-mail as proof. (Considering the other e-mail saying that Yarn Yoshi was possibly a rumor or fake, really doesn't make this one legit)
  • Thinking that Chuckya's throw is similar to O'Chunks' throw and that it's necessary to put in the former's article. (They both chuck people. Not sure why that means they are the same or whatever)
  • Saying Captain Toad is the same as Toad. (Racist)

Favorite Female Wiki Characters <3<3<3

Creepy Mario