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Glitchman (Talk)

Peaches marriage[edit]

It's not valid if it was valid then it would be brought up again in other games. Raven Effect (talk)

I hope your right. I was just so disappointed in reminiscing over Mario rescuing peach from Booster before she said, "I do," it takes away the very meaning from it if the wedding would have been invalid to begin with. Here's my issue: If it was invalid, why did the void start? If it wasn't then they're presently married.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Worldminus1 (talk).
Because a void doesn't understand the difference between a legal marriage and an illegal marriage I don't know but since Peach doesn't except the marriage it's invalid because she would have filled for divorce (of course the more reasonable explanation is to say that the marriage is nothing more then plot development and to ignore it.) Raven Effect (talk)
Yeah, I'm certain it was just a plot device used for dramatic effect the story-writers have no problem ignoring. We also don't really have a mushroom kingdom or pixl kingdom law on marriage, or understand how the void was able to ascertain the marriage in first place. I don't think it's fair to say the void is aware of marriage, just not law based marriage anyway.Worldminus1 (talk)
Whoah there. I'd suggest you not start mouthing off at admins, it doesn't usually get you anywhere. You did not sign your comments, you added that signature in under the pretense of reverting an edit. Don't try to dupe us, that also doesn't get you anywhere. Finally, it's just an {{Unsigned}} template, it's not the end of the world. Just learn from it and keep on moving. Marioguy1 (talk)
Ummm WHAT? Where do you think I'm going and how am I "mouthing off"? How am I attempting to dupe you? Fixing my signature is "duping"? How am I possibly saying its the end of the world?Worldminus1 (talk)