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Welcome to Strange Land


“Go Weegee”
Weegee, What is Weegee?

Mario"s head got attacked recently by the Weegee Virus. The Story
And here's my Signature Page.
And Youtube Videos:


Wild Ride in the Sky

Slidin' the Slopes

Vegetable Volley

Doors o' Plenty

Bombarded by Bob-ombs

Magical Note Blocks

The ol' Switcheroo

Piped Full of Plants

Swinging Bars of Doom

Para Beetle Challenge

Magical Note Blocks 2

Airship 1

Chill Cavern

Secrets of the Tanooki Suit

Power-up Tropics

Goomba's Shoe Castle

Airship 2

Castle Challenge

Mad Dash

Fake Games

DS Games

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Enter the Super Mario World once more!

Super Mario RPG 2

Not Paper Mario!

Super Mario Galaxy DS

The Cosmos on a handheld.

Mario DJ

Hit the music!!!

Mario Kart DS 2

Not again!

Mario Adventure

He had a lot more than this.

Mario and Luigi: The Chronicles of Three

Triple Trouble!

Wii Games

Mario Paintball

Making a splashin' Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario and Nintendo All-Stars Racing

First Karting, now Racing?!

Mario Unleashed

Reveals Mario's bad side.

Mario Kart Wii 2

The more Mario Kart, the better.

Mario Party 10

More Party now?

Mario and the Black Knight

Seriosly? Giga Bowser?!

Mario Heroes

There are too many heroes for this game.

3DS Games

Mario Party 3DS

Do we need another one?

Super Baby Mario Kart

Characters confirmed:
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy
Baby Yoshi
Baby Donkey Kong
Baby Bowser
Baby Rosalina


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