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I have been a fan of Mario ever since I was little, and I still love him to this day!

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Notable opening/ending scenes

  • MP4 ending: This ending's the same, only it's edited so that each of the playable characters have their own. It starts with a beam of gold light shining down on the character you're playing as and Toad. The character is shown to be wondering what the final present is, and Toad tells them to look up. Your character looks up, and from their perspective, the light fades to reveal one of the stars collected throughout the adventure. The character is shown to be surprised as the star's light shines on them. The camera switches back and forth between the character and the star twice, as it shines for a moment and floats backward. The stars from the night sky meld into the star and it flashes, surprising your character as Toad does some sort of "ta-da" motion. Then, a bunch of stars gather behind the star, making a constellation of the character in their winning pose. Your character is seen once more admiring it, and the star flies away bringing the constellation in full view. In one final close up of the character (with their eyes sparkling), he/she smiles, and the screen flashes. After the screen cuts to black, a message is shown: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ______!!", with the blank spot showing the character's name.