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Bowser the Yoshi
Real Name: It has an I in it
Age: 12
Favorite Character: Yoshi
Least Favorite Character: Birdo
Favorite Game: Super Mario Maker
Level: 63
Favorite Song: It's Not Over Yet
Favorite Show: Good Luck Charlie
Stars On Super Mario Maker: 952
Favorite "Female" Character: Daisy
Bowser the Yoshi's Userbox Tower
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Top 10 Favorite Characters

Place: Name:
1 Yoshi
2 Waluigi
3 Bowser
4 Toad
5 Luigi
6 Wario
7 Koopa
8 Goomba
9 Boo
10 Daisy

Notes, Tips and more!

My user page will be expanded so check on it soon!

I am not often on here much because I'm to bust on Miiverse and other stuff like that.