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“The hand has five fingers, capable and powerful, with the ability to destroy as well as create.”
System of a Down, Back of album cover
Killer Axe's Userbox Tower
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Vol. 2 DVD boxset.
Sprite of Mario from the Nintendo Entertainment System port of Donkey Kong
Artwork of Bowser Jr. from Mario Super Sluggers
The Wii.
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Hey, I found this wiki while bumming around on the Internet. Glad I found it! I joined in May, 2010.

Who Dat?

Who's online: DandelionSprout, LostCause1118, Sparks, Yoshi the SSM, No One The Skeleton, BMfan08, Wario876, Memelord2020, Mariofan9000, Super Mario 1985, Blueberrymuffin, Yoshbert2012, Mrlott 0429, Mjhenry83, TomZhao, Driole, Marioguy, LinkTheLefty, GuntherBayBeee, TweeterSMB, Nintendo101, Natnew, Big Super Mario Fan, Porplemontage, MarioD, Jrpierre123, Sera68, Ender R. Musk, SolemnStormcloud, Tails777, RHG1951, SuperBallBro, Goombud, Skinnybeans17, Delsait, Mariuigi Khed, Vernon3264

Neglected Mario Characters

My favorite webcomix, they deserve a whole setion on my userpage. This is actually the first sprite-based comic ever put on the internet.


Less notable webcomics

Less notable, but I still think their hilarious. Also note that most of these comics use explicitives, if that bothers you, skip this section.

Doctor McNinja: [2]

Bob and George: [3]

Articles I've Created

  1. Color-Full
  2. Finger Flex