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Searcher and Liberator of Minions.

Minions Wanted:

Stilt Guy Bouncy Tucks Archy (fire) Tenacious Tucks

Bowser Minions that should return by 2019

Flying Goomba (Super Mario World) (Galoomba, should be given the same Modern treatment as their grounded counterparts.) Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother (Since Fishing Boo got to reappear in Super Mario Run, why not bring back this Koopa Troop minion?) Snow Spike (We've already seen the Stone Spike time and time again. This minion deserves to reappear after Paper Mario Sticker Star gave it a Paper counterpart.) Crowber (Since it missed out on the Great Modern Paper Mario Update, it's time for Nintendo to put this minion out of retirement.) Ptooie (Even though Paper Mario Color Splash gave it poetic justice, after being cut from Sticker Star, why not have a modern Mario reappearance for this guy?) Buzzy Beetle Tower (The Gaming Masses want to see more and more of it, so hop to it, Nintendo!)

My Review of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Hey, everyone! Since I played this game , I have done a review on it and it's pretty good.

And Nintendo has a new Idea CEO, now that Fawful is dead once and for all again. And that Idea CEO is having Nintendo make Mario & Luigi Paper Jam 2, even as we speak.