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Hi. I'm FireWaluigi. I became a user so that I could help this wiki.

My Favorite Games-

Super Mario Bros. 2 (GBA version)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (Only played the GBA Version)

Super Mario Land (My very favorite!!)

Super Mario World (Only played the SNES version)

Mario Paint

Donkey Kong Country (Only played the SNES version)

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (Same as DKC)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

New Super Mario Bros.

Mario Kart Wii (It needed Lanky Pinball)

New Super Mario Wii

My Favorite Characters-

Yoshi (SML is also his very favorite game)



Baby Mario



Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

E. Gadd

I'd like if they had made a Baby Yoshi playable in Kart Wii, and I wonder what it would be like if there was a Baby Waluigi at all. I also find Cheep-Cheeps, Boos, Thwomps and Bullet Bills interesting.

This page continues....

Read only if you want to know what my imagination is like-

Each character in the list have a pair of gloves that hold each Power-Up ready for use. The gloves also have the ability to imitate other fictional characters' clothing (very much like The Mask.) They also have Caps that act like each 64 Cap wrapped into one package and can each change into any of the enemies mentioned above. (The only enemy not supplied by the gloves or the caps is the Cheep-Cheep.) I made it so that Yoshi created his own gloves, but I never explained to myself how everyone else got theirs. The next story you might find very unusual.

On a trip to the mall one day, Yoshi caught sight of a movie that he thought would be interesting. He didn't have any money that day. He went home somewhat disappointed. After that, when he had the money, he was unable to locate it. Some time later, while at the mall with everyone mentioned above, he is looking at the games with "Lanky", as he usually calls Waluigi. Peach and Daisy show him a movie and ask him if this is the one he was looking for. He replies yes, and manages to buy it that day. ((link to movie))

That night, they all gather at his house so they could watch the movie. Normally if Yoshi enjoys something, he would imitate the parts he likes best. But Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Lanky, and Mario wound up enjoying it more than Yoshi, who called it okay, and said he liked how they managed to keep it cartoon-like. Yoshi also says his favorite part was the boxing scene. (Story ends here for me)

The characters mentioned above are my favorite. Although Ninetendo (Yes, I say it that way, and so does my Yoshi) creates interesting characters, they never make them playable in certain games. Or never makes them playable at all. And despite Yoshi being my favorite of all, I don't really like his games. I liked him in SMW, though. I had never expected they would actually make a sequel to NSMB.

I only like the Vacuum Mushroom, and its "va-key-ooming" ability.