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Hey there! Welcome to my Userpage!

DohIMissed: Super Mario fan, editor and artist.!

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Real Name: Samuel
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 23rd
Favorite Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Favorite Characters: King Boo, Luigi, Yoshi, Mario
Least Favorite Characters: Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina
Least Favorite Game: Mario Party 9
State: Madrid, Spain

Who's online: CBFan5, MeritC, Trig Jegman, Mario jc, Gold Luigi, Niiue, Lalalei2001

Hi there and welcome to my userpage. I'm DohIMissed, but you can also call me Doh for short. I mostly make small edits to fix spelling errors I find in some articles, and also to add artworks and/or screenshots in the galleries. If you want to talk with me or something, please leave a message on my Talk Page.

About Me

Hello! I am DohIMissed, but you can call me Doh or Sam. I'm a really, really huge Nintendo fan, especially Mario. I'm also an artist. I always use SAI for my drawings, and sometimes Photoshop for editing, logos and other stuff.

Mario games I Own

Nintendo 64

Nintendo Gamecube

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Switch

Other sites where you can find me

I'm no longer an active user on Fantendo, I've made quite a few games there in the past though. You can find me there as Ziegs. (I used to be DohIMissed, but I changed my username)

You can find me on Youtube' as Zieghost. I mostly upload Touhou stuff, so if you're not into that, then nevermind.

I'm also on dA as Zieghost. I mostly upload concepts for my fanmade projects such as Paper Mario: The Ancient Book and Mario & Luigi: Cosmic Chaos. I draw fanart occasionally too.

I'm also on Tumblr. I'm there as zieguy (main blog) and zieghost (art blog).

Extra Thingss


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