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Hey there! Welcome to my Userpage!

DohIMissed: Super Mario fan, editor and artist.!

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Artwork of Mega Dry Bones in Mario Party: Star Rush (later reused as Dry Bones' artwork for Super Mario Party)

Gender: Male
Favorite Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Favorite Characters: Dry Bones, King Boo, Luigi, Yoshi
Least Favorite Characters: Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina
Least Favorite Game: Mario Party 9

Who's online: Blhte, Mariuigi Khed, Memelord2020, Wynn Liaw, Nightwicked Bowser, Shawnlongtendo, StarFighter31, Axis, Koopa-Troopa, Koopa con Carne, Mikoro, Shadowninjagamer 101, Nintenbird64, Results May Vary, Ttoad, Alexo, Super Mario Brothers

Hi there and welcome to my userpage. I'm DohIMissed, but you can also call me Doh for short. I mostly make small edits to fix spelling errors I find in some articles, and also to add artworks and/or screenshots in the galleries. If you want to talk with me or something, please leave a message on my Talk Page.

About Me

Hello! I am DohIMissed, but you can call me Doh. I'm a really, really huge Nintendo fan, especially Mario. I'm also an artist. I always use SAI for my drawings, and sometimes Photoshop for editing, logos and other stuff.

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