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DaShroom in his appearance for Mushroom, Inc.
Full name DaShroom Toadsley
Species Toad
First appearance Toadsley and Oatsley
Latest appearance DaShroom Power Hour
Latest portrayal Toadsworth
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom, Peach, Mario, Luigi, Toadette, Toad Brigade, Toadsworth, Mushroom Retainer

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DaShroom's Userbox Tower

Welcome to DaShroom's Page

Hello fellow Mario-ers! I am DaShroom, formerly known as Baja. I'm an active participator in Mario Kart, NCAA, Madden, and various PC games. I write for The 'Shroom, my favorite NFL team is the Packers, and I'm pursuing a more active engagement towards the Wiki, specifically in the Chat and Forum. You can still see me as Baja on the Forums. This, however, may be subject to change. I'm a novice graphical and musical artist and I enjoy writing. If you want more personal information, then you sir/madam, are a stalker!

The 'Shroom

September 14, 2012: Baja (DaShroom)'s Acception into The 'Shroom So, yes, I write for The 'Shroom under MrConcreteDonkey's Fake News. I write the section called Weather Report, and if you pay attention closely, you'll notice a recurring theme for my writings, my inspiration and minions: ToadCaster and CasterToad, Minions Extraordinaire. But please, just because I have loyal minions does not mean you need loyal minions, too.

Check out my next Weather Report on December 21, 2012!