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Huzzah! Hello! Welcome to my user page. Make yourselves at home. Have a seat, kick your shoes off, stay a while!

To be honest, I'm not really sure exactly WHY I decided to make a user page. I'm not much familiar with wiki editing, although I suppose that will change. For now, though, I'm quite content to just look at articles. If I happen to have any information to contribute, rest assured, I will.

So you'd like to know more about myself, eh? Very well, I can indulge a bit of your curiosity. Feel free to pull up a chair. In any case, where shall I begin?

*Rubbing his chin.* Might as well start off with the introduction. I go by many names, but the majority of people generally refer to me as Ben. I'm 23 years old, overweight, and currently as of October 2009 reside in the Midwestern United States. In regards to location, that's about as specific as I'm going to get. *wry smirk*

I love to play video games, as well as roleplay. If I'm not in front of my computer roleplaying with friends, I'm more than likely in front of my television....either mashing away on my controller playing my Wii or XBox 360. Otherwise, I'm screwing around on my Nintendo DSi, or my PSP. If I'm not doing any of that, I'm writing fanfics, or generally just surfing the web.

I graduated from high school in 2004, college from 2005 as a license massage therapist but despite this am currently unemployed.

I currently have four animals, two cats...a six year old domestic long hair, a 17 year tortoiseshell cat. I also have a eight year old Pomeranian, and formerly owned a ten year old yellow crested cockatiel, who unfortunately has since passed away this past April. I love my animals all very much.

*grins* In any case, that's enough about me...for now. If you ever wish to contact me, don't hesitate to do so. While I can be reached through e-mail, I don't usually prefer that as a method of contact. I'd much rather be contacted over AIM, if you have it. My contact information is in my userboxes. Or, if you don't want to look at them, my primary AIM SN is Drake Nightwing.

I also have Yahoo Messenger. Send me a shout at ben_kitsune AT yahoo DOT com. Please don't e-mail me, I get too of much as it is from spam and other sources. Thanks!

Otherwise, just drop a line on the discussion/talk page and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

--Ben Kitsune

My Codes

These are my Wii codes, for various games. Unlike the general internet, I may or may not be playing these games at any given time...but if you want to add me, then feel free to do so! :D

Wii Code: 8538-7894-9751-5939
Animal Crossing City Folk: 1032-5533-8032
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 3995-6828-6367
Mario Kart Wii: 0645-6253-7367

Let me know if you wanna play! I'm almost always game!