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Character Comparison

By Artwork of Mario from Mario Party 9 Mario304 (Talk) Mario SSB Artwork.png
Artwork of Cackletta from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Yes! I have found a sprite of Elder Princess Shroob's first form!

Cackletta vs. Elder Princess Shroob

Hey, everybody! Halloween is almost here and I wanted to give you a comparison between two scary RPG villains, Cackletta and Elder Princess Shroob! Both are from a Mario and Luigi game, they're evil, they want control over the Mushroom Kingdom and they possess Bowser. What's so different about them? Read and find out!

Physical Appearance


Cackletta looks very scary and sinister. She has green skin, red eyes, green hands and a cloak.

Elder Princess Shroob

Elder Princess Shroob has a cloak, purple tentacles, monsterous face, a crown and red eyes.

Bowser possessions


Cackletta's Bowser form is Bowletta, a very dangerous Mario enemy. In this form, Cackletta can control her minions and the Koopa Troop. Her powers in this form include all of Bowser's powers, turn into Dark Bowletta, order the Koopalings to do her bidding, summoning meteor showers and even throwing fire enemies.

Elder Princess Shroob

Elder Princess Shroob's Bowser form is Shrowser. In this form, Shrowser can spit fireballs and shoot fire orbs. Elder Princess Shroob also points at the bro. he will attack.

Mushroom Kingdom take overs


Cackletta's plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom is to use the Beanstar to wish she was the ruler of the kingdom. In order to do that, she needed Peach's voice but instead, she got Birdo's. Near the end of the game, when she was Bowletta, she captured another fake Peach who turned out to be Luigi. In the end, she never managed to get Peach and take over the kingdom.

Elder Princess Shroob

Elder Princess' plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom is to send an army of Shroobs to invade. Her plan succeeded, she kidnapped Princess Peach, got a Shroob Castle and took over the Mushroom Kingdom for a limited time. In the end, she got destroyed and her reign over the kingdom ended.



In battle, Cackletta can shoot lightning bolts, create duplicates of herself, create holes, and have her duplicates become bats! In spirit form, she can shoot magic balls.

Elder Princess Shroob

In battle, she can heal herself 120, summon a Chomp, shoot energy blasts, cause shockwaves and tackle the bros. In her true form, she can attack using her tentacles.



Cackletta is a very demented villain and all she wants is to have a beautiful voice so she can become the Mushroom Kingdom's Queen. She is also very sneaky, she disguised herself as Lady Lima to make the plumbers fix the castle's plumbing and she possessed Bowser, making her even more powerful! She also has an insane laugh.

Elder Princess Shroob

The elder princess loves her sister very much and she can be kind most of the time but when Princess Shroob died, she became really furious and started to avenge her. She is also very destructive, as seen in the battle with her.


Now who is the best RPG villain? Hmm, well if you want to find out who the character of October is, press "Show".

Artwork of Cackletta from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

CACKLETTA- "Eyeah, ha, ha, ha! I won! I won!" Be quiet, I'm doing the comparison! Anyway, Cackletta is a lot more sinister of a villain then the elder princess. Her Bowser form, Bowletta became one of the most dangerous Mario enemies we know today and her personality is tremeoundous! See you in the November issue!