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Fake News

by the Fake News Team


  • Dark boo (talk) and Flicky (talk) are FIRED!
  • Beginning next month, Clyde1998 (talk) will take over Flicky's position. Koopster 64 (talk) is welcome to take over the weather because of the great job he did last month.
  • Many sections are not here because Ralphfan didn't give out his Fakewarning template. He is very sorry for the inconvenience.

Travel Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Mushroom City Come to Mushroom City, the city where someone is always sleeping! There are tons of cars to get hit by, and you can take a shortcut by walking the purple carpet! And, if you're looking for some nighttime fun, come to the four-way intersections and walk into the middle of the road while wearing a lampshade or a blindfold over your head!

Fake Music

by Dark boo (talk) Dark boo is FIRED! I, Koopster 64, shall continue unofficial work! Today, Princess Peach and her Pink Pom Poms has made a new cd! Here are the songs on the cd.

1. Trapped in Castle Seven (A song about how it's like to be stuck with Bowser)

2. I Beleive He Can Fly (A paordy of I Beleive I Can Fly. It's about Mario)

3. Possessed in the Head (The experience of being possessed by the Shadow Queen)

4. Paper Princess (Peach's experience during Super Paper Mario)

5. I Am So Hot (A paordy of I Kissed a Girl. It's about a self centered Peach)

PLUS, a free poster of Princess Peach in Mario Kart Wii! It's the only reason why people buys this, as Peach's singing sucks!

Fake TV

by Ralphfan (talk)

The Star Cup is back at various times throughout the day on Toad TV!

Koopster 64 here! I want to make big in the world of Super Mario Wiki, so I'm here to help out. Recently, a new show called Bowser Jr.'s Practical Jokes. The show is about Bowser Jr. pranking people. From Mario to his own father. So far, three episodes has been aired, and they've been smash hits! In fact, they might make a movie...

Fake Games

by Koopster 64 (talk)

Hyper Guy is LATE this month, so I, Koopster 64 is taking over!


Wario Land: Snapped

Rating: C for Crazy

Description: Wario had gotten so much money, he finally snaps! Go crazy in 7 worlds as you smash stuff and avoid the Goombington's Insane Asylum people! Wario is so crazy, you can't even control him with the controller!


Super Princess Peach 2: The Pink World

Rating: E for Evil

Description: Princess Peach accidentally covered the world in pink, so she must fix this mistake. However, there is one level, which is unpassable. When this released in Japan, the pinkness is actually subliminal messages by Princess Daisy, so that people could play as her in sports games more than Peach. To prevent a cult, this won't appear anywhere else.

Wanted Poster

by Luigi 128 (talk)

FN Waluigi.jpg


by Flicky (talk)

Flicky is LATE and is therefore FIRED! Anyone can cover for him, but Clyde1998 will take over next month.
Obviously, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays died.

Cooking Guide

by Ralphfan (talk)

Trial Stew SPM.png This month, Zess T. will teach us about trial Stew! To make Trial stew, you will need:

The steps:

  1. Put the Poison Shroom and Couple's Cake in the blender and shred them into a bloody pulp!
  2. Put them in the pot with the GRAVY!
  3. Cook for two hours!

Enjoy! Remember, it doesn't kill you, you need something at least as powerful as a Goomba to put you out of your misery.


by Toadbert101 (talk)

Shroom 28 001.png

Shroom 28 002.png


by Stooben Rooben (talk)

It would be great if St00by could make a poll.


by Ralphfan (talk)

Interviews have been done by WarioLoaf (talk). They can be found at the bottom of this month's issue.

Fake Sports

by Ralphfan (talk)

Here's the Star Cup!

User:Ralphfan/Star Cup

Fake Weather

by Koopster 64 (talk)

Flicky is FIRED, so I, Koopster 64 is taking over yet again! Take that, Flicky!

Monday: The cloud overlords will be vanquished, causing snow to fall around the world!

Tuesday: A light rain and sunshine will appear. How relaxing.

Wednesday: It is windy. So windy, I suggest not going outside.

Thursday: A tornado appears. Go hide somewhere people!

Friday: There will be an afterwind when the tornado clears away. Don't worry, it's safe!

Saturday: It's now sunny! Go to the beach! Be sure to avoid the beached whales!

Fake Injuries/Arrests

by Koopster 64 (talk)

Once again, FIRED! Looks like I'm taking over again....

Mario, then starred hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, had injured himself. The reason how is that Bowser got angry that he beat him in the Leaf Cup and ran him over. As a result, Bowser is arrested for not being a good sport. In the meantime, Princess Daisy has been arrested, as she has been using evil brainwashing techniques to brainwash people into rebelling against Princess Peach. Oh, and Bowser Jr. fell off a chandelier while playing on it.

Fake Movies

by Luigi 128 (talk)

We're still waiting.


by Super Mario Bros. (talk) (Special thanks goes to Castle Toad for the idea for this match).


Warioloaf's Special Section

by WarioLoaf (talk)

FN Page1-1.png

FN Page2-1.png

If it weren't for Warioloaf, the Fake News wouldn't exist. Thanks for everything, Warioloaf!