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Well, this is my talk page. Talk about what I should do to keep with the Mario Wiki standards, I guess. -Flicky

Woo yeah I got the first header[edit]

I'd love to have you on board for the Fake News! The sections that are open are:

  • Music
  • Obituaries
  • Cooking Guide
  • Weather

Take as many of them as you want!

RalphSprite.pngRalphfan>>Tabuuownsall132x2 is also signing up for stuff; talk to him.RalphSprite.png

The News is Fake; This Warning is Real[edit]

Bowser image by Edofenrir
Doomhiker personal photo1.png
Hello, Flicky,

Please send me (Doomhiker) your Fake News section(s) by the deadline. If you are unable to submit your section in time, please tell me as soon as possible, and I'll sort something out.

Yours truly,


You can ask for images[edit]

Hi there I'm Luigi 128 I'm the Image Composer of the Fake News I only let this message for let you know that you can ask me to do images but don't think I can do it this month better wait 'till next oneLuigi's battle stanceLUIGI 128Luigi's battle stance[[Mariowiki:The 'Shroom|thats why he call me The image Composer]]See the Crazy Interviews!!!