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Beyond 120 Stars

by Megadardery (talk)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beyond 120 Stars! Megadardery is here with mind-blowing challenges and more for his favorite game.

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Ever thought that Super Mario 64 was too easy, or something? Ever thought that you don't want to play the same missions over, and over? Ever thought that you were too good for this game, but still don't know what else can you do? In this -overly useless- article, you will find -overly useless- challenges that you may enjoy, if you are a hard-core lover of SM64. You may also find some shortcuts that can be useful in speed-runs, or whatever. If you think you are an advanced player, try one of the challenges that is labeled as Very Hard! that this lousy introduction is thrown with Bowser far far away, let's get to the castle along with what you expect to see. :)

Without further ado, let's-a-go.

Usual Useful Tip : There is a second camera mode, Mario Cam to be exact.. I know what you are thinking, it's terrible, it is just so freaking close! just press Down C Button. The camera will zoom backwards, greatly for larger view, and also this camera usually doesn't change direction while jumping, so it's pretty much the perfect cam to perform precious precise jumps. However, if you are doing wall jumps, you better stick with Lakitu Cam.

Sleepy Mario.

Easy : Alright, you know the drill, like the last month, you need to stand on something. Just stand on the big gate in Bob-omb Battlefield. Yes, on the gate. Such a beautiful view, isn't it? Mario likes it and he is starting to catch some shut-eyes.

Hanging Mario.

Medium : I got this one my 3rd try, so I consider it a little hard for low skilled-people, prove you are not, and perform it. Copy what Mario is doing in the screenshot to the left, "Easy, Mario is just holding the edge of something, how hard can that be? Unless if that edge is the edge of Cool, Cool Mountain's slide secret shortcut exit! Yup, you will need to hold the edge of it, not enter it (because you will slide back and fall), hold.. the.. edge. Since this trick could be very hard, there is a box table full of tips (Sorry, no money there.) right under these challenges, if you give up finding your perfect route, check this table to know how to do it.

Daredevil Mario.

Hard : Shell Shreddin' to the extreme: In Snowman's Land, there is a nice looking shell in a box over the freezing pound, The goal as you may have probably guessed is to scale up the Snowman riding the shell! This is usually very hard, however, there is a useful trick that could help you and make this a lot easier. While the trick may be obvious, I have slapped it in the table below.

Mario will fall, certainly.

Very Hard: This time, the trick is impossible! Do you like Wall Jumps? no? too bad, because this challenge is all about them.. In Wet-Dry World, while the water level is at minimum, can you wall jump up to the area the cannon is found? Not only the camera gets tedious sometimes, but near the end, there is an invisible wall which is almost impossible to wall jump off. Without good set-up, you will probably won't be able to get a good height. With my set-up, I get to wall jump 10 times before I reach the top, how about you?

Alright, now go turn on your N64 (or Virtual Console, you get my point..), and go try those challenges. Try hard, don't give up easily..

Spoilers!: Tips
Easy B120S-5-Sep2014.png I don't think I need to say anything, you can get there by several ways, the easiest one being: adjust the camera using Mario Cam so you can Wall jump the gate easily, now just walk carefully to the area you want. Note that the lighter area in the gate is intangible; you'll fall right through it.
Medium B120S-6-Sep2014.png Ok, above the normal slide exit there is a thin platform, you can stand on it, but moving is almost impossible. So you need to stand before it, Triple jump so your double jump ends right on it, The triple jump should end you near a wall, which you can wall-jump off to grab the exit of the secret slide. I probably didn't made any sense XD, so just try it yourself!
Hard B120S-7-Sep2014.png You probably know that if you jump repeatedly while moving the control stick slightly backwards, you will slow down while riding the shell, right? So anyway, get the shell, climb the snowy slope to the igloo, jump off to the area below, carefully move on the thin wooden platform and jump near the tree (if you hit a wall, or jump into the tree, you'll lose the shell). Now just move across the iced platform, don't worry about the snowman, continue to the second wooden platform, jump up, and that's the highest point you can possibly reach.
Very Hard B120S-8-Sep2014.png I don't think I can help you a lot, just adjust the camera as much as you can, then while standing on the corner of yellow big cork box, slide-somersault and wall-kick then wall-kick and so until you reach the top.
Featured Shortcut

In this section, I will introduce you to a shortcut, difficulty can range.. however it can help you if you are a speed-runner. Also, note that I'm not using Backward Long Jumping, or any major sequence breaking glitches.

Start from this point.

The shortcut of this month is one-shot, so if you're training, get yourself 100 lives from Yoshi before you start, In Rainbow Road, no body likes magic carpet rides (or whatever that thing's name), so this will help you skip a necessary one. From the starting platform, turn the camera once to the left (press Right C Button) then align yourself with the corner of the left rotating platform by walking slightly to the left. Now Triple jump, so your double jump is on the corner of the starting platform, now all what you have to do is wall-jump off the left rotating platform, and you should fall on the right one, Trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds. :D

That's all for this issue's Beyond 120 Stars folks, see you next time!

Issue XC
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