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Awards Committee Commentaries

Hypnotoad (talk)

This year felt really different because the meetings went by very smoothly. There was nothing problematic or eventful and we just breezed right through everything! With having more awards and what seems to be more people who signed up for presentations that flaked out, one of the only thing I can suggest for improvement would be for the actual presenter process. Even with those small bumps, the quality of the presentations this year was fantastic.

As for suggestions, I’ve already posted some ideas in the specified topic for it, but my goals are to have the entire presentation creation process made more secure in having confirmed presenters and allowing backup presenters to have more than a week notice of what they need to cover. Solid ideas for this are to be discussed but my general idea would be to have checkups on presentations a few times throughout the summer instead of just the soft deadline a week before the ceremony. This would be just to see if people are even working on it or are still even in the community, and that if someone completely doesn’t respond they can be replaced much sooner.

I look forward to working again as the Userpedia Host next year, and who knows, perhaps more!!

Lakituthequick (talk)

Another year, another Awards Committee commentary. Hi there.

Well, as last year, it was a pretty fun happening to be in the Committee. Having done this once before, I this time knew what to expect.

To quickly cycle to my last year's point, the UserPedia and 'Shroom Awards did have vastly different results, now they are on their own spot. While the votes are indeed more informed, the amount of voters dropped as a brick too. You win some, you lose some.

I'd say the ceremony was great too, even though I couldn't attend it. I did post my presentation, but more I didn't do. Gotta choose for myself, I needed the sleep.

But enough about myself, others now. I sometimes have the idea that some people on the AC could do more than they currently do. I'm not saying the AC is a group of weekly get-together's, but sometimes it just feels like some are just chirping y's and n's at the meetings (of which I admit I'm guilty of too sometimes). To me at least. In other words, the amount of people can do more. Don't get me wrong though, I know real life exists (gasp).

In other news, both of my Mario Kart Tournaments went well, although 7's online is still pretty crap. A new thing was 8's Mario Kart TV functionality, which when used correctly can result in neat recap video's. #shamelessselfadvertising
Next year is going to have at least MK8, including the neat DLC for as far as people own it, 7 I'll overthink but will likely happen too.

Enough rambling for today, we'll see each other around. Chau!

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