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Mario Kart Tournaments Lookback

by Lakituthequick (talk)

Hello folks. Depending on what time it is when you read this, good morning, good afternoon, good evening or what are you doing here, go to sleep. (I totally didn't copy-paste that from last year.)

Another year, another Tournament for Mario Kart. Better yet, two Tournaments. I organized one for both Mario Kart 7 and 8. I was asked to tell about them, so here goes.

Since I've already done this last year, this year's organization around Mario Kart 7's Tournament wasn't that exiting. Heck, I was able to simply reuse most of the schemes. Tokens and Community concepts were reused.

As opposed to last year though, I didn't have a co-host. That didn't matter, however, everything was fine.

During the races, we once again utilized the chatrooms. However, this time it was a bit more professional, as I registered the channel with ChanServ and stuff, and gave the voice-rank to racing people to distinguish them better.

The races themselves didn't have much special to them on their own. It just was a matter of getting a working connection, as 7's online is still just as terrible. It even costed some participants their places, which was a shame.

In the end, we did have a winner though: Cirdec (talk)! I congratulate him!

Mario Kart 8 on the other hand was a lot more interesting. I hadn't worked with it too much at the time, it being released shortly before then.

Despite not having happened before, I did use the same Token-scheme as with 7. It is a pretty nice scheme. As opposed to 7 though, I did not make use of the Tournament-functionality. Rather, I used the Friend-room functions, where people from your friendlist come and join you. This allows for more organized races, as it won't start on its own. Added neat thing was the availability of voice chat, which was used several times.

Then the races themselves. While I still was in only as a referee unless I was a participant myself (which I was, yay), this time we have the fresh new Mario Kart TV functions, which allowed me to rewatch the races. Not only that, but I also was able, because of that, to assemble neat compilation video's, watchable here, on my YouTube channel.

When eventually the races where raced, we of course had a winner. This first Mario Kart 8 Tournament was won by: SKmarioman (talk)! Congratulations to him!

There you have a flashback on the Tournaments of this year's Mario Awards. Next year is another year, and another year will most likely result in new Tournaments, now with fancy DLC for as far as people have it. Thanks for reading, and we'll see each other around! Chau!

PS. Did'ya know there is an Easter Egg in the compilation video of the Finals of MK8? I promised to give a hint on what it is after a time, and this is a neat occasion. Here goes: Shy Guy Falls, ledge.

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