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Mario Party: Island Tournament

by 'Shroom Core Staff

Four months, 10 games, 38 polls, over 750 minigames... It all comes down to your final 10, ladies and gentlemen! In this Holiday Special Issue we will be having the final poll of this Tournament, and only one minigame will be crowned as the Super Mario Wiki's Favorite Minigame. Let's take a look at our contenders:

Representing the original Mario Party, we have Mushroom Mix-Up, the 4-player minigame in which players had to run to the correct mushroom to survive! INTENSE.
Our second contender is Face Lift, the minigame that originally appeared in Mario Party but which is now contending for Mario Party 2. This Battle minigame was inspired in the famous Super Mario 64 intro screen (the one where you distort Mario's face). FUN FOR ALL AGES.

Next is my favorite installment, Mario Party 3, and as its worthy representative we have M.P.I.Q. (that's Mario Party IQ, people). This 4-player minigame consisted of answering various questions about the Mario Party series. I HAVE NEVER LOST.

Winning by a landslide in the Mario Party 4 poll, we have Booksquirm, the 4-player minigame that required characters to run through a book's page to not be crushed by it. FUNDUCATIONAL.

As the Mario Party 5 representative we have none other than Hotel Goomba, another 4-player minigame that required players to punch their way through a Goomba-infested hotel to reach the third floor. LIVING ON THE EDGE.

Moving on to Mario Party 6 we have something ad hoc to this time of year, Snow Brawl. Our first 1-vs-3 minigame of the poll puts the players in a snowball fight, where they have to hit their opponents to win. SMASHING.

Lucky 7! Our Mario Party 7 contender is none other than The Final Countdown. Whoops, sorry, wrong link. This Battle minigame puts the players in a 3x3 arena formed by panels which eventually disappear. As you can guess, the objective is to stay alive. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

For Mario Party 8 we have Cardiators, a Duel minigame which is more exciting than it sounds. Well, it's basically a card game. FIGHT!

As the last of the numbered games, we have Pizza Me, Mario, representing Mario Party 9. In this minigame you need to toss your designed toppings all over a pizza. DELIZIOSO.

In the Mario Party Advance corner we have Cloud Climb, a single-player game which requires you to jump on clouds to reach the sky, a la Doodle Jump. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

And as our last contender, representing Mario Party DS, we have none other than Camera Shy, where you play paparazzi and have to snap photos of the other three players before someone else does. SAY CHEESE.

So this is it. The final poll closes January 10th at 13:00 CST.

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