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by New Super Mario (talk)

Hello interview lovers! This time we will be interviewing Marioguy1.

<New Super Mario> When did you join the wiki?

<Marioguy1> I joined the wiki about two years ago, on the 11th of June, 2009. However I only starting contributing about a month later, in July.

<New Super Mario> Do you have, or had any special rankings on the wiki?

<Marioguy1> Um… well a while ago, I had the ranking of autopatrol, and now I’m a patroller.

<New Super Mario> Do you have any positions in The ’Shroom?

<Marioguy1> I used to be the Pipe Plaza co-director, but with SMB’s promotion to director I became the solo director of the Pipe Plaza. I also write Featured for the Pipe Plaza and Character Reviews / Fading into Obscurity for the Main section.

<New Super Mario> What do you think The ’Shroom could improve on?

<Marioguy1> The ’Shroom started out very low and non-successful, but over the years it has expanded into something very good; I don’t think there’s much to improve on. We’ve finally reached Issue L (50) so that’s something to be proud of. And the new SotM concept is bound to be fun!
<Marioguy1> But one thing that I think could be improved on is getting sections in on time; partly it is the fault of the core staff, partly it is the fault of the users, but somehow there are always sections late. I think if that problem is fixed, The ’Shroom will truly be perfect.

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Community Polls?

<Marioguy1> The poll system is awesome! They were a great idea, in my opinion. One thought that sticks out in particular for me is that users can always go to this page and suggest a poll; we are always looking for suggestions!

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Did you Know?

<Marioguy1> I think it’s an interesting eye-catch on the main page. I definitely read it myself whenever I see new comments in it – it’s very interesting.

<New Super Mario> What do you think about the upcoming awards?

<Marioguy1> I’m sure that these awards will be great, I’ve attended two awards ceremonies so far and they were both extremely fun, I’m sure the third one will be the best of all!

<New Super Mario> Are you on Chat?

<Marioguy1> Yes, my nickname is MG1 and when my internet connection gets better, I plan to start going on daily. As it is, I go on a couple times per week.

<New Super Mario> Who do you think writes the best article in The ’Shroom?

<Marioguy1> Me of course! Well users write their sections with varying degrees of skill; it depends on how hard they try. I’ve seen awesome sections by Gamefreak, Edofenrir, MCD, FK38 and more users, but I’ve also seen not-so-great sections from those users. So it all depends on how much effort they put in.

<New Super Mario> Are you on Userpedia?

<Marioguy1> Yes, I am, my username is Marioguy1.

<New Super Mario> What would be your favorite Non-Mario game?

<Marioguy1> Non-Mario game… well, if you had asked at any different time, my answer may have been different, but right now I’m definitely going to say Pokémon White; I can’t put that game down right now!

<New Super Mario> What would be your favorite Mario game?

<Marioguy1> The ultimate question, Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. I really love the Galaxy series overall.

<New Super Mario> What would be your least favorite Mario game?

<Marioguy1> Hotel Mario My least favorite Mario game… out of all the games I have, the one I don’t really like playing is Mario Power Tennis but I don’t hate that game; it’s just my least favorite.

<New Super Mario> What is the easiest Mario game you’ve played?

<Marioguy1> Gonna go with Super Mario Galaxy – the hardest part was the Prankster Comets.

<New Super Mario> What is the hardest Mario game you’ve played?

<Marioguy1> Um… Donkey Kong – I just can’t get to the top of that building D':

<New Super Mario> What game consoles do you own?

<Marioguy1> You didn’t say Nintendo consoles, so I own a PS2, PS3, Wii and I have come in contact with a GameCube before but… don’t have that right now.

<New Super Mario> What handhelds do you own?

<Marioguy1> Personally I only own two DS Lites (one broken, one fixed). But my brother has a PSP and a DSi XL which he lets me play.

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on the 3DS?

<Marioguy1> Sounds so awesome! I am totally getting one, as soon as the rush to get them is over.

<New Super Mario> What 3DS color do you want?

<Marioguy1> Reeeedddddd!!!!! <3<3<3<3

<New Super Mario> What do you think is the 3DS’s best feature, besides the 3D?

<Marioguy1> Definitely the fact that it comes with new games that don’t work on the DS(i) Lite/XL.

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Mario Sports Mix?

<Marioguy1> Sounds like an awesome game; my brother really wants it so I think I’ll be getting it soon.

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Mario Kart 3DS?

<Marioguy1> I love Mario Kart games and one in 3D sounds pretty fun!

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Paper Mario 3DS?

<Marioguy1> Paper Mario is definitely my second-favorite Mario series; I’m glad they’re releasing another game for it.

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Super Mario 3D?

<Marioguy1> The first thought that comes to mind: “what on earth are these name designers thinking”, the second thought: “That should be fun.”

<New Super Mario> Thoughts on Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games?

<Marioguy1> YES. I love the Mario & Sonic series; not necessarily the Mario & Sonic part, but the concept of Olympic Games is so much fun!

<New Super Mario> Who is your favorite Mario character?

<Marioguy1> Most people would think I like Mario, but actually my favorite character is Iggy Koopa; though he isn’t too far behind the other Koopalings.

<New Super Mario> Who is your favorite Nintendo character, besides a Mario character?

<Marioguy1> Ice Climbers B)

<New Super Mario> What Mario character is your least favorite?

<Marioguy1> I may get hate for this, but I really don’t like Baby Bowser, or any of the Baby characters; I find their concept very “meh”.

<New Super Mario> Mario or Luigi? Choose one, and explain why:

<Marioguy1> Mario because he’s in my username!

<New Super Mario> Which Paper Mario game do you like the most?

<Marioguy1> Thousand-Year Door, hands down. I just love the concept of the storyline!

<New Super Mario> Which Mario & Luigi game do you like the most?

<Marioguy1> I’d have to say Superstar Saga, as I don’t follow that series very intensely – all I know is that Superstar Saga has some awesome characters.

<New Super Mario> Which Mario Kart do you like the most?

<Marioguy1> The only one I have is the Wii version (and it hooked me) so I’m gonna say Mario Kart Wii.

<New Super Mario> Name some of your hobbies:

<Marioguy1> I like reading, and swimming :3

<New Super Mario> Can you play an instrument?

<Marioguy1> I play multiple instruments, but the one I play the best, and the most, is the Piano.

<New Super Mario> What is your favorite food?

<Marioguy1> The answer to this used to be Pie, without question, but now I don’t know really.

<New Super Mario> Do you have any pets?

<Marioguy1> Yes, I have a beautiful cat named Tiger.

<New Super Mario> Anything else you would like to say to the readers?:

<Marioguy1> Sign up for the Pipe Plaza today! That’s our interview! Tune in next month for the next one :3

Thanks for a great interview MG1! I had a lot of fun with this one.