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Fake News

by Confused

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Updated Info

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

We finally have the list of new characters joining the SSB universe. Here we go!

  • Big the Cat – after many numerous requests and threats, we finally have Big the Cat as a SSBB character. He will be one of the fastest characters in the game and will use a ray beam to attack.
  • Booster – apparently the developers also looked at the bottom of their mail as well. For his Smash Move, Booster uses his magic train set to attack other players while being invincible himself.
  • 9-Volt – 9-Volt will basically be a clone of Pikachu. They will share movesets and speed. 9-Volt can use his skateboard to attack the others.

News Highlight


A Dryite in Paper Mario
Our trusty spycam monitoring the Dryites dealing with a mysterious red hatted man.

The secret of the Dryites has been revealed. They say they are not in fact real Toads, but Shroobs. Mr. Joke, a Dryite has stated this. Strangely, him and his accomplices were giggling the whole time he was telling the story of the Dryites. Must have been a Shroob thing. The police team later detained them for questioning and they said they were joking. We should have seen that coming. Either way, we're keeping a close eye on them.

Local News

Car Crash

Yoshi holding Mario's Cap artwork from Super Mario 64 DS.
Wayoshi taking his cap off for the last time.

Wayoshi (age 15) died today in a tragic car crash. The other driver wasn't looking where he was driving. The driver was none other than Donkey Kong. He made some sad grunting noises, so the police let him off with the charge of 10 Golden Bananas. Wayoshi's funeral will be held at the Princess Peach's Castle Dungeon. The MarioWiki users couldn't chip in enough money for a funeral reception. Oh well. The real question is: What was Wayoshi doing driving a car at 15?

Strikin' it Rich

Lumpy in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
The slumpy Lumpy, get it?

Lumpy (age 26) struck it rich today by finding oil in the fields of the Dry Dry Desert. He kept a short jounal of his adventure.

Day X0

I was wandering around the desert, looking for oil. You see, I was doing it for my kids and I'll tell you later. This isn't the time. Anyway, I bumped into this talking tornado. It told me to dig around some ruins. I went and I did what it said. It even gave me a ride. After a lot of digging, I thought it was lying. But at that moment I had hit black gold!

After he found the oil, he legally had to pay Mario back for the 100 coin investment. In interest, he had to pay three times as much. Ironically, that was all the money he made for the oil. Maybe he should have gotten more oil. Now what will poor Lumpy do?


The scene before the fight.

The crowd at Glitz Pit (various ages) had a tussel today. The crowd went wild when the Great Gonzales and Rawk Hawk were climbing the stairs to have their match. A bunch of rowdy Doogans and Lakitus had a disagreement on who was going to win. A Doogan swung at a Lakitu and instead hit an innocent Toad, the situation escalated. Great Gonzales and Rawk Hawk were too immersed in their battle to notice the fight. The fight was a rain of mallets, Spinies, and fire. Luckily, the Glitz Pit security team had the situation under control.