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Poll Chairperson Address

Written by: Fun With Despair (talk)

Hey there, ‘Shroom readers, community members, strange esoteric lurkers, and anyone else who might be reading this right now. I’m Fun With Despair (talk), your newest Poll Committee Chairperson. While I may be taking the lead for the 13th term (and hopefully avoiding any of the unlucky connotations that come with that number…), I would like to thank Ray Trace (talk) for the work she did during year 12 of the Committee. She brought some great ideas to the table, such as the images that now accompany every poll to grace our main page, and I am proud to have earned her vote of confidence in the end.

I would also, obviously, like to thank each and every one of you who cast your vote for my campaign. For obvious reasons, none of this would have been possible without you, and all of you are the reason I’m doing this in the first place. The people who participate in our main page polls, read our ‘Shroom wrap-ups, and participate in poll talk on the forums, all of you are the heart and soul of this committee, and the reason we exist at all. Now, I’m aware that my campaign is a bit different than some of the previous committees, but that's because I plan on committing myself to a certain level of policy reform, with the goal of making the committee a more open, collaborative experience that can prepare new blood for leadership roles in both the committee and in general. In doing so, I plan on re-implementing Hooded Pitohui (talk)'s rotating leadership system to provide essential experience for everyone who wishes to one day apply for PC Chairperson themselves.

But with all this focus on teamwork and collaboration... of course I'm going to need a team, and that is where this year's application process comes in. Don't worry though, it's pretty simple and should only take a few minutes and a bit of brain power. All you'll have to do is send me a private message on the forums with the following included:

  • An introduction, tell me who you are! - Feel free to include anything you've done in the community, from 'Shroom experience to forum game participation.
  • Why you're applying for the Poll Committee - What makes you want to join the PC? Do you want to increase your involvement in the community? Enjoy writing polls? Just need a hobby? Let me know!
  • An example of a poll that you would submit to the Committee - At the end of the day, our job is to create polls for the main page of the wiki. Give me an example, what kinda poll do you want to make? We might even end up using it in the end! Just make sure it's not already a poll that exists in our Awards lineup, or an exact copy of an existing poll. Be creative, the sky's the limit.
  • Whether or not you want to sign up for Rotating Leadership - In line with Hooded Pitohui (talk)'s 11th Poll Committee, I will be reinstating his Rotating Leadership System to allow everyone to have a chance to take charge and lead the production of a poll from its genesis to its spot on the front page. Applicants who sign up for this system will be prioritized for committee membership, but fear not - it's extra responsibility, but I'll always be around if you need help, and it's not mandatory to apply.

Of course, in addition to new members, I also encourage any past Poll Committee members or PC Chairs to re-apply to the team as well. As I'm a first-time Chairperson, I'm always open to any advice or guidance from my experienced predecessors. I am aiming for approximately 8 members to start, but more team members will potentially be considered, provided they are all eager, active participants.

Our initial signups will end on 11:59 PM PST on Saturday, July 30th, but as with our member limit, late applications throughout the term may be considered depending on application quality and whether the Committee agrees that the applicant would be a positive addition to our team.

Well, it's about time for me to wrap this up, isn't it? I look forward to seeing your applications, and I'm even more excited to lead our team as we work together to create something special for the Poll Committee's 13th term.

Fun With Despair

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