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Feedback Survey

Written by: The 'Shroom Staff

Hello, readers of The 'Shroom! The 'Shroom is a newspaper, but, over the years, it has offered much more to the Mario Wiki community than just the passive experience of reading sections and a chance for users to share their writing. There's a long history of 'Shroom-affiliated games, activities, and events, ranging from stories where users were allowed to fill in blanks in a pre-written story, to scavengers hunts, to photo contests, to forum-based games, and recently to events like the 'Shroomfest. With the 'Shroomfest now being an ongoing event, we would like to focus our efforts on creating games and activities that will complement it. The best way for us to know what kind of events our readers would like to see is to ask all of you.

To that end, we've prepared a short, straightforward survey to give you the chance to tell us what kind of events you would like The 'Shroom to host, and which kinds of events you would be most likely to participate in. The survey consists only of two questions, and it should not take long to complete, likely less than five minutes. We will be accepting responses until noon EST on the 13th of March, 2021.

If you would please, take a few minutes to provide your feedback to The 'Shroom by following this link and completing the survey..

Thank you very much for your time! Your responses will inform the activities we plan and promote this year, so please watch out for future announcements regarding 'Shroom-affiliated activities!

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