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Super Mario Odyssey Photo Contest

Written by Lord Bowser (talk)

Hey everyone! This is LB here, featuring the winners of The 'Shroom's Super Mario Odyssey Photo Contest! There was a great turnout, as seen by the number of photos submitted, and there was a generous number of voters to boot! Many thanks to everyone for their participation.

Now then, let's get to the winners! The following photos are the highest-voted photos per category.



Mario makes a guest appearance in Jurassic World: Raiders of the Lost Park!
Submitted by: Meta Knight (talk)



Paper Mario returns to Castle Bleck dressed up to stop a wedding that will bring terror to the universe!
Submitted by: Meta Knight (talk)



Blade of Bridegroom's Bane
Submitted by: Gabumon (talk)

Full Results

Name Votes
(Total: 101)
Meta Knight 41 40.59%
Gabumon 29 28.71%
Lakituthequick 12 11.88%
Hooded Pitohui 10 9.90%
Mario jc 6 5.94%
PowerKamek 3 2.97%

Name Votes
(Total: 97)
Meta Knight 35 36.08%
PowerKamek 28 28.87%
Gabumon 15 15.46%
Lakituthequick 8 8.25%
Mario jc 7 7.22%
Hooded Pitohui 4 4.12%

Name Votes
(Total: 97)
Gabumon 21 21.65%
Meta Knight 20 20.62%
Mario jc 17 17.53%
Lakituthequick 10 10.31%
Hooded Pitohui 9 9.28%
Fawfulthegreat64 9 9.28%
Turboo 5 5.15%
Magikrazy 5 5.15%
PowerKamek 1 1.03%

Shoutout to Meta Knight (talk) and Gabumon (talk) for taking the gold in this contest, and congratulations to everyone for their votes. Huge thanks for all participants and voters! See you all next time!

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