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How Do I Art?

Written by: Stargazing (talk)

Hi Shroom! It’s Stargazing here. Today, surprisingly, I am not following last year by doing another mobile game that has taken me by storm (yes it’s love live this year). I’m going to give you guys tips on how to do something better. What is that something? Well first, let me tell you about the-

I heard someone in the back say drawing tips because I already told them. Thanks, Nysic. You ruined the surprise. Anyways, YES, I am doing my Shroom article on drawing tips, since a lot of people complain that their art is shit, and I want to change that.

Don’t rush yourself.
This may seem really obvious in hindsight, but I catch myself and a lot others doing this. You can’t spend 2 minutes on a drawing and complain it isn’t perfect. Drawing takes time, practice, and patience to fully master.

When starting out, do not compare yourself to people of a much higher skill level.
Please please PLEASE don’t say “oh I’m terrible at this because it doesn’t look like _____’s art!” Everyone is at a different skill level in drawing, and comparing yourself to more advanced drawers is just going to leave you discouraged.

Consider that everyone has different artstyles.
This is less of a drawing tip and more of a don’t be mean tip. If you’re about to lash out at someone saying “oh haha that looks terrible compared to everyone else”, consider this. This person is drawing in their own style that could vary greatly from everyone else, and this isn’t bad at all. It’s also not bad if they have a similar art style to another person.

Practice every day.
Okay, this one is a given, but I know a lot of people who just… stop drawing for a few weeks or months, and then wonder why they aren’t getting any better. You have to practice every day. This gives you chance to improve.

Always accept that there is room for improvement.
Don’t get too cocky with yourself. If you say “oh my art’s the BEST, nothing gets better than this”, not only does it come off as really rude, but more often than not, you’ll just… stop drawing. If you stop drawing, your skills worsen as you forget how to do certain things. But, you still claim you’re the best, and your skill deteriorates, etc.

Get extra help from people if you need any.
I know being an artist isn’t easy, and there are many people out there that are really willing to help you. If you want any help, just shoot me a talk page message or a forum private message and I will do my best to help you. There are also many different artists that I’m sure you can contact directly.

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In all seriousness, if you want to improve, never give up in yourself. Always believe you can achieve greatest step by step, and you will go so far.

...Yep, those are all my tips. I’m going to bed. See you later.

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