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Would it be a better idea to just create separate categories called ghosts, skeletons, mummies, spirits, zombies and leave out the speculation-loaded term of "undead"? I don't think this is a useful category and even the sentence reeks of early Wiki fluff. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 14:56, 19 August 2018 (EDT)

Possibly. I made a good portion of the subcategories here, myself, but "undead" is still commonly used as a generic term. Which is probably a good thing, because it's a ridiculous word. Keeping all the things "traditionally" classified as "undead" together does have its own merits, however. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 15:03, 19 August 2018 (EDT)
I don't know, you have things like Buffy the Dolphin, Bonneter, Golden Diva, Hoohoo Spirit, Broozer, Ghosts (Pac-Man), Sewer Guru, Phantom Ember, Wandering Soul, and many others who are in this category because they're spirits/ghosts though not necessarily "undead", just paranormal. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 14:56, 19 August 2018 (EDT)
Maybe "Paranormal" for a category instead? BabyLuigiFire.png(T|C) 15:11, 19 August 2018 (EDT)
Probably. I'd support a separate category for ghosts/spirits and remove elements like the above, but do keep Portrait Ghosts and any other ghosts/spirits that were explicitly and consistently described as being derived from the living. Things like Boos are not frequently shown enough to be "undead" (Boo has only a one-off joke about Igor and Mario having the Boo version of him leaking out in a GIF, played as a comical gag) and so should be left off this category. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 15:30, 19 August 2018 (EDT)
And that overlaps all the moreso with Category:Deceased Characters.... Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 19:25, 19 August 2018 (EDT)
Oh? We might not even need this one, as species might be able to comfortably fit with the new categories I listed, which I hope we don't leave any out. By the way, Star Spirits should be considered "Undead" too if we're going to include spirits in this one. This is what I mean, we should redefine this category. Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 13:14, 20 August 2018 (EDT)