This is for the young, comic, Italian and frantic MarioWiki user! WHAT? You're not looking for me? That's racist Try to search for these very tall sea waves which name is based on mine!

“This is the Green Shell God Fest!”
What is this: An infotable! Never heard of one?
I am: Tsunami, aka Rainbow Thunder
(for being Ninelevendish) and Omega (beta name).
Friend of: Billy-Luigi (talk), Ninelevendo (talk),
Rosalina's Luma (talk), ToadAwesome12 (talk),
BabyLuigi64 (talk) (formerly know as 'Shroom64 (talk),
Joseph (talk), Toadbrigade5 (talk)
and Mario091 (talk).
Oh, and of Tsunami (talk), but I'm not so friend of myself...
Consoles I have: Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi,
Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL,
Nintendo Wii U. But only three of them work perfectly,
find out yourself which are.
Games I have: Over 100, but I don't have enough space for a list...
Where I am: In the Mushroom Kingdom, other than in my mind.
Level of awesomenesses: I'm at level 100.
Height of this table: Definitely too high.
Tsunami's Userbox Tower
Sprite of Baby Luigi
Ninelevendos new image.
National Siblings Day Celebration
Toad's head icon in Mario Kart 8
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Rosalina's head icon in Mario Kart 8


The Fan Sticker
File:Magical with Ashley.jpg
Artwork of Lakitu, from Mario Kart 8.
Italian Comet.jpg
Power Star
Artwork of a ? Block from New Super Mario Bros.
Luigi artwork for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Light Blue Yoshi
Yoshi 4.gif
Artwork of Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. 2
Yoshi is cute.gif
File:Yoshi65 w.jpg
Wario Jumps.gif
? Block
Fawful's artwork in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Artwork of Zeekeeper from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Fawful laughing in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
Animated GIF of Mario from the character select screen in Mario Kart 64.
PeachMP win.png
MarioMK64 lose.png
Lakitu's sprite in Mario Kart 64
Bowser dancing excitedly in Mario Party.
Mario about to use a Final Smash, from Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SMW Mario Explodes.png
Game Over
Bowser dancing excitedly in Mario Party.
Animation sequence taken from French TV advertisement for Mario Pinball Land and Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Zombie Mario glitch from Super Mario 64 in Shifting Sand Land.
File:Yoshi2 MP9.png
Paper Mario enemy
If I would be an enemy...
Artwork of Zeekeeper from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Offscreen, as a glitch in space
Max HP 58
Attack 12
Defense 5
Moves Breath of Fire (3x5 if timed correctly), Slash (12), Rainbow Flash (4+Confusion), Star Meteor (5x8 if timed correctly, used only in danger), Paratroopa Wings (recovers by 7 if timed correctly, used only in danger), Pheonix Inferno (21 if timed correctly, used only in danger), 8-Glitch (damages randomly by 0-15, used only in danger), Negative Beam (-255 if times correctly (instant KO), used only in danger, undodgeable)
Items Space Food (holded), Mysthic Feather (when defeated)
Air Lift?

A strange offscreen enemy. HP is 58. ATK is 12. DEF is 5. It has got a vast repertory of moves, and some of them are used only while in danger. Beware of its attacks, some of them are very powerful. Do your best to dodge them and hope that it times them wrong. However, I don't think that it is part of Bowser's troop.

Welcome to Tsunami's Userpage! For other infos see below. Possibily until the end of the page.


I play games. A lot. And differently basing of the gender.

  • Platformers: Good, usually 100% myself unless there is a great secret.
  • Racing: Good, easily got at least one star.
  • RPG: Not good. I beat MLDT by Easy Mode. The others... cheat.
  • Puzzle: Don't even speak of this.
  • Sport: I can both be good or an idiot. Depends.

Oh, if you don't know this, I always try to 100% something. Unless it is nigh-impossible. Also, I have a NNID (FranticTsunami), though I'm very rarely online to play. Hey, I have limited internet...


This sections needs a spotlight! This is a list of all gifts I receive in anyway. Want to thank me? Feel generous? If you want, send a gift on my talk!

List of gifts

  - Joseph (talk) gives me this for making a disambiguation page (Mini Mario (disambiguation)). Fire Flowers always come in handy.
  - I was like to give this dinoslessic to ToadAwesome12 (talk) for inventing the word Blunsshxud, but he rejected because he was a Sorrygossbe, so I keep it and thinkythanked him. Porkchopdjhdhd!
File:Mario PM2.png - I earned one additional Mario! ... But I have already like some thousands of them.
  - With this, I will now take control of... my mind, I guess. Thing I already do.
  Toadbrigade5 (talk) gaved this to me. I now added it to my doll club! 1) Mario plush 2) Mario and Luigi statuine 3) Mario Chess pieces 4) uhm... my 19 Skylanders? 5) doh... I'm running out... my 2 amiibos? 6) Oh! The Geno doll!

Kinda sort of a game log

Game log of Mario games, not including others since some of them are stupid, the DS table would get overly long and this is MarioWiki. Please note I cropped reviews as of now, since many would think I overrated many DS game like BIS and MKDS, which in my opinion are nearly perfect (maybe BIS is even 100% perfect). Also, some values are not precise: that's because I'm lazy to go heck every game.

DS games

File:Logo DKRDS.jpg Story Mode cleared? I don't remember if I cheated. I should redo it sometime.
File:Logo ML3.png Completed by cheating. Up to the 2nd Star Cure normally, and this is supposed to be the part I'm too weak
File:MarioLuigiPARTNERSTIMElogosmaller.png Completed by cheating. No thoughts of doing it normally, I don't like it
  Story Mode completed (all 20 characters), but Curling missions (passed with tickets). I can't do Curling, plus it's extremely long and boring.
  All gold cups + 3 stars, all missions up to Level 2 3-starred, though I have at least 1 star in every of them
  Story Mode completed, almost everything unlocked. Had 99999 MP, but I accidentally deleted the file... can we count I have 99999?
  Cleared B-2, which means I got at least 50 gold stars
  Cleared with help of Super Guide (referring to Hard Mode). 300 M Coins and >90 trophies in Normal
File:Logo NSMB.png 100% completed (3 file stars), also I may think about doing a mini speedrun of it (like just W1)
File:Super Mario 64 DS logo.png Over 100 Stars out of 150, don't remember values
  I have great records, such as an 418 in Ashley. Don't ask me how I did it, I dunno

3DS Games

  >100% cleared, the max is 200% so I'm at halfway
  Story Mode cleared, should check a guide for Boos sometimes...
  Completed with Easy Mode. I'm in Dream Dozing Sands in my attempt to not using Easy Mode
  Story Mode completed but some missions which are too hard for me
  Seaside done in Castle Club. Got all the DLCs, nothing special. The price was pretty unfair...
File:185px-Mk7.png Every gold cup + 3 stars, also >20000 Coins for Gold Kart
  Bowser Tower completed 6 times (it's lame that the ending is always the same...)
  <10 Star characters, games almost all done (Gold Ring 3, I hate you), Final Cup won and once beaten an Ace (lasted about 40 minutes to do a very short match normally)
  Uhm... more than 50 Starts and no more than 150, don't remember
  100% completed (5 file stars). Reached >3m Coins (more my mum though, I don't play all that time)
  100% on all sides, Coins comprised (got 9999)
  100% completed (5 file stars), but S8-Crown with Luigi (clearing it once is already a pain). Trying for 5 shining stars, I got 2/3 as of now
  I play by attacking often, rarely shielding and sometimes taunting. List of progress coming soon (everything unlocked though)
  Story Mode cleared

Wii Games

  1 Star + gold in every Cup, screw CPUs
  First board in Story Mode cleared, the second's luck favorites CPUs
File:NEWSuperMarioBrosWiiTitle.png World 2-Castle cleared. Hey, it's my 4th/4 NSMB game, I got tired...
  <100 Stars out of 121
  241 Stars out of 242 (guess the Star I'm stuck in)

Wii U Games

  World 1 completed, bored
  A quarter of the collection completed
  Level 2 of Story Mode cleared with A+ (A+ Start reference?)
  Mushroom through Lightning up to 150cc 3-starred, not done DLCs + Mirror yet (thought I did)
File:NSMBU.png 100% Story Mode (5 file stars) completed
  World 8 cleared (didn't even remember that, thought I stopped at W1)
  100% (5 file stars + all stamps) completed, not sure I can do shining due to Champion's Road
  Did nothing special, I started not long time ago


And this is my amiibo collection... I should get one of them per week. If you want to propose one while you're messaging me, feel free. Note I'm PAL.

Super Smash Bros. Collection

1 wave released, 2/12 amiibos

Image Name Date of obtain Data
  Number 3, Yoshi September 28, 2014 None
  Number 11, Kirby September 28, 2014 None
On watchlist (means they may be the next I'll got)
  • Mario
  • Villager
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Pikachu

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