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Mario091's Userbox Tower
A Mega Unagi in World 8-3 in the game New Super Mario Bros.
Poison Mushroom
Dreamy Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
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NEW Click here to see my sandbox! Mario091 (talk) 04:52, 26 September 2014 (EDT)

Gadgets (made by Nintendo) I have: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS XL.
Games I have: 3
Games I'm playing: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Pokémon AlphaSapphire, Mario & Luigi Dream Team


Please visit my user page, KaizoMaster! KaizoMaster in Pouetpu-games 8 Levels.



Good job on the NSMB level articles! Make sure to bold the title name in the first line of the article next time. Don't forget to mention the game's name in the same line, too. Thanks. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC

W2-4 coin record (NSMB2)

Pls put a comment on my talk page how many coins you have collected in W2-4.

Top 10
Rank Player Coins
1 Tsunami 7 615 (20 attempts!)
2 Mario091 7 236
3 The Golden Yoshi 3 106
  • At the start, while spamming Goldballs, you should have killed the following: Goomba, Koopa, Goomba. The second Goomba is worth 5 Coins that otherwise you will never got again (Star runs out if you chase him, and take one not both).
  • Do not care about the Red Coins. They are 8 Coins that you take like 10 seconds to get. In 10 seconds you can get whoopity coins from the Goombas.
  • After the midway, kill all enemies. They will be worth 50 Coins once. Right before the second Star after the midway you should see a Spiny: leave it for the 2nd Star, as it will be in your way. With the 1st you just have the right time.
  • Try to enter in the Pipe while invincible to kill the first three Goombas. These are 150 Coins worth to get.
  • There's a block that gives a Coin while broken. Go for it while you have time! That's a Coin that you totally have the time to get.
  • Maximize the Coins you got from the Gold Ring! And make sure you got TWO claps.
  • If you land without stomping all Goombas, no worries, my score comprises that situation twice. Instead, leave them for starting another chain.
  • It takes 25 seconds to got to the end (or even faster), so you can leave at 50 (security) or even 25 (go fast if you do).

StreetPass Records (NSMB2)

Coins Pack My Best
My Record 11 236 Flower Pack
Kirais (favourite) 2 644 + White Raccoon Mushroom Pack 10 630 √
Skarm 3 920 + White Raccoon Mushroom Pack 6 954 √

Friend Records

(To any friend I have:) Pls comment on my talk page how many coins you got, and what pack.

Coins Pack
Tsunami 7 760 + White Raccoon Mushroom Pack

Speed run (NSMB2)

Use Super Leaf and Super Star for Max Speed!

Hint: Go to World 2 Red Toad House and get a Super Leaf, then go to World Star Star Toad House and get a Super Star and go to any stage. Don't fill the P-Meter!

Can you beat my time?

Level Time left Time without super star Time left (Secret) Time without super star Tip
World 1-1 472 Note blocks slow you down!
World 1-2 453
World 1-3 461
World 1-Tower 448 461 Star not necessary. Snake blocks slow you down!
World 1-4 371 This is easy.
World 1-A 456 Pipe cannons are slow.
World 1-Castle 412 Ropes and Thwomps slow you down. Boring! I settled it at 12.
World 2-1 467 467
World 2-2 460 459 (almost 460..)
World 2-3 449 - Easy. I lost both the power-ups. Without super star it is boring.
World 2-A 352
World 2-4 465 Don't collect every star!
World 2-5 364
World Mushroom-Ghost House 358 334 Picking the wrong door takes you more time.
World 3-1 456 Don't swim!
World 3-3 363 363 Don't touch the goop!
World 3-4 455 451 437 433 Rainbow Levels Icon Don't touch the goop!
World 4-2 350 343
World 4-4 362 This is easy.
World 4-C 443
World 4-Castle 523 LOL 519 Firebars slow you down. Morton is easy to beat! Just go near his pipe and when he ground pounds, jump and stomp on him!
World Flower-1 363 361 341 349 LOL Snake blocks slow you down.
World Flower-2 442 Extra star (optional) since there is a hidden block w/ star. Don't touch the goop!
World 5-1 373 349 Don't walk on the tightrope! Jump only.
World 5-6 376 Just glide and while gliding, stop and touch the Star. Keep Gliding until you get to the pole. Easy! You might get a 375 or 377.
World 6-3 405 405 This one easy.
World 6-A 257 This level is short. After entering the red pipe, touch the star. Don't fill the P-Meter when invincibility stops! Don't touch the lava!
World 6-5 363 Grey Bowser Statues slow you down. Do NOT touch the fire. There is lava, which should not be touched.
World Star-1 419 (skipped Bowser Castle due to being boring with the sheer battle (700 s)" The ? Switch slows you down (activating things for time)

Tsunami's Times

Tsunami, pls comment on my talk page if you're done with the speed run! :)

Level Time (with star) Time (without star)
World 1-1 473 (27)
World 1-2 462 (38)
World 1-3 466 (34)
World 1-Tower 457 (43)
World 1-Tower Hidden goal 465 (35)
World 1-4 372 (28)
World 1-A 462 (38)
World 2-1 473 (27)
World 2-2 463 (37)
World 2-3 456 (44)
World 2-A 249 (151)

Game Log

3DS games

Nintendo 3DS Game Year Progress Comment
1 New Super Mario Bros. 2 2012 100 (5 game stars) I don't play this game often, but I already have 500K coins.
2 Mario & Luigi Dream Team (preinstalled) 2013 Year of Luigi 100 My favourite game, now. I am currently at battle medley, Level 56 (both bros.) I haven't completed Bowser Jr.

GBA games

Game Boy Advance Game Year Progress Comment
1 SMW: SMA2 (unsaved) game-oldies.com 2002 45% (W3-B) Hard... But it is unsaved.
2 SMA4: SMB3 2003 75% (W7) I lost my GBA SP system (for no reason). I played it when I was 3. At 5, I stopped playing it. I continued it at 7 years old, for a month. I am now 10 and I could not find it. I don't have e-reader.

Flash Games

These are not owned by me, but fans!

Mario's Adventure 2 (SIMILAR TO NSMBDS)

Click here. Author: NEWGROUNDS


1. Mario091: Area 2, 5 enemies killed, 58 coins collected.

New Super Mario World (World 2)

Click here. Author: NEWGROUNDS


1. Mario091: 221 coins

New Super Mario World (World 3)

Click here. Author: NEWGROUNDS


  • Note: Add them all up (except the 8 red coins) because, when entering the next area, the coins reset to 0!

1. Mario091: 78 + 1 coins = 79 coins





Dream Team Profile. Beat that!



  • Enemy to the villains.


  • Luigi: 101
  • Mario: 85


  • Luigi: 90
  • Mario: 109


  • Lv. 1 – 7 = Mushroom Artwork of a Mushroom in Mario Kart 8 (also used in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)
  • Lv. 8 – 15 = Shell Artwork of a Blue Shell from New Super Mario Bros.
  • Lv. 16 - 25 = Flower Fire Flower in Mario Kart 8
  • Lv. 26 - 39 = Star Star in Mario Kart 8
  • Lv. +40 = Rainbow Rainbow Levels Icon


Sorry, I did not count below 600.

600 edits – 20-12-2014
1500 edits – ??-??-????
2500 edits – ??-??-????
5000 edits – ??-??-????
10000 edits – ??-??-????

Mario091 - Happy Holidays!!!