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Species Toad
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2005)
Latest appearance Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2009)
“A video gamer's life is purer than others, since only he gets the use of a 1-Up Mushroom
Toadbrigade5, Skype

Toadbrigade5 is a 13 year old boy in America. The first character he ever saw is his favorite, Blue Toad (Super Mario Galaxy), when he spied on his cousin playing her copy of the game. Since then this spoiled brat has collected ever Toad merchandise ever created, even with life sized marble statues of all five brigaders, Toadsworth, and even Toadette. He has all Mario games for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3ds, and Nintendo ds. Outside Nintendo, he is a math progidy like his favorite Toad, finishing up pre calculas in his first eighth grade semester.




This is in order, Kay?

Blue Toad (Super Mario Galaxy): Adorable, blue (My favorite color), and even with an identical personality.

Toadbert Same as above.

Yellow Toad (Super Mario Galaxy): Cute, especially when asleep.

Birdo: Only one here up high not a Toad, and well... I don't know why my self.

Captain Toad: Hilarious. Flat out hilarious. Scatterbrianed, cowardly, but still adorable.

Toadette: Cute as heck and just awesome.

Toadsworth: Like the stereo type, he's a Toad, and just wow.

Daisy: Tomboy, cool, nice voice. I can go with it.

Iggy Koopa: Intelligent, corny. Perfect. Tall, like me (5 11). Glasses like me.

Rosalina: The backstory is SOOOO touching.

Lemmy Koopa: Adorable.

Luigi: Better than Mario.

Cyan Shy Guy: Favorite color, and Shy Guys are cool yeah?


Not in order.

Wario: Not hated, just, well, not liked. He's funny I admit. But still, don't like him.

Waluigi: Err... he's cool yeah, but 3 hours of slamming my head after my sister told me she had a crush on him on a desk skewed it.

Chain Chomp: I'm actually not kidding scared. In really life, I am dead afraid of dogs. I have fainted due to barking, been dragged on hard concrete till bleeding by a dog, and I am so scared of them. Giant metal car-crushing ones don't do the trick.

Metal Mario: EEEEH... He just, power up rip off, no personality. He could be made good, but not yet...

Queen Bee: No real objections, but I don't think she's worthy of MK7

Pink Gold Peach: This I HATE. 1# above reasons for metal mario, 2# ugly, 3# PEACH IS SUPPOSED TO BE DAINTY, NOT HEAVY METAL!!

Things I like and dislike about Mario


-Colorful, adorable -No violence -Fun, new characters, never gets old -Rpg's have nice storyline -PHYSICS DEFIED!!! -Can get parental aproval


-Cuts characters, pretty sure Birdo is axed. -Storyline starting to fade. Latest 3d platformer series was SO inferior to Galaxy and Sunshine.

Favorite Games

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Finally. The thing I've waited 13 years for. Toad's own game. I cried the day of E3 because of it. Happy tears. Puzzle, adventure, shows promising signs of storyline, stellar graphics... It's everything I've ever wanted. EVERYTHING.

Super Mario Galaxy Toad brigade. No really, that and awesome storyline, creative characters, and rosalina's backstory.

Mario Kart 8 Just everything everyone else said. Awesome. Best spin off ever. Dlc YAY!


So yeah, I've got some amiibo and I'll share a bit of opinions on it.

Mario: Level 50, Increased Item throwing, x3 Item damage, items do shield breaks, all stats roughly balanced.

DK: Level 50, Increased smash attack damage, power stat excedes 900, but defense is pathetic.

Yoshi: Level 45, Increased dashing speed, speed gradually builds faster, speed exceeds 500, attack is pathetic.

Kirby: Level 50, Shields last longer, defences exceed 1200, speed is like 2, and attack is negative 10 I think.

Notes: My amiibo are trained to acknowledge each others weakness and cover for them.

Team strategies:

Yoshi will attack from multiple sides to keep someone in place for DK to destroy with a roll.

Kirby will drop down to take damage for DK, and Dk will respond by countering.

Everyone throws items at Mario, who uses them.

Mario collects items while everyone else fights for him, until he can pwn them with an item.

Thoughts on amiibo: Incredible. My first one, Kirby, was at level 50 before DK arrived in second, and just watching him go from standing still, to three-stocking 7 level 9 cpu against him was something that made me hug him so hard, and not let go for five minutes. I expected that nothing would happen for my next few, but they continue to surprise me, with DK OHKOing an opponent with a giant punch when he was at 38%.

Its an experience that makes your amiibo feel like a real person, and nothing is more satisfying than sending a rank 50 back to the stand.

Wiki Status


Very active. Every few hours active.


User: Tsunami - I marvel at his enduring belief in Geno and Mallow's return. He is also super friendly.

User: mariocomix - Great person, friendly, and I can freely ask him dumb questions with out being afraid.

User: Madz the Penguin - We liked toads and penguins, so why not? Although I tend to disagree with his proposals...

User: Ashley and Red - Reached out to me first on this wiki, and I worked with him on List of stamps in Mario Kart 8. He also made my sig, which was great.

User: Yoshi876 - An experienced user who knows many things on this wiki. I hoped that I could learn a bit from him.

User: BabyLuigi64 - Made my userbox, and told me how to make my sig work.

User: Green6017 Guy

Life facts

- I am atheist. Don't get me wrong, I wont shout in your face anything religion, in fact I attend school chapel at a catholic school, and I have volunteered religous services more than anyone in the school(Yeah the ONLY atheist.) I promise not to discuss ethics as long as you don't mention it on my talk page. - I am taking Pre calculas in eighth grade. I am proud of it. - .