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Yoshi's Island

Level Preview Description
Yoshi's House   Yoshi's House is one the first locations the player can visit. The Message Block states that he has left to rescue his friends. If the player is riding a Yoshi, the Message Block will give a hint regarding the Yellow Switch Palace on Kappa Mountain.
Yoshi's Island 1   Yoshi's Island 1 is one of the first few levels the player can play. It consists of Banzai Bills and Rexes. Finishing the level leads to the Yellow Switch Palace on Kappa Mountain.
Yellow Switch Palace   The Yellow Switch Palace is the first Switch Palace the player can visit. It's a simple level with the option to use a Switch Block to make coins appear.
Yoshi's Island 2   Yoshi's Island 2 is the other level the player can choose at the start of the game. It introduces Yoshi and various berries. Chargin' Chucks and Monty Moles prominently appear as enemies.
Yoshi's Island 2   Yoshi's Island 3 is the first athletic level. Stretching Exclamation Mark Blocks serve as platforms throughout the level.
Yoshi's Island 4   Yoshi's Island 4 is a water level with floating island platforms and various Floating Mines in the lake. Pokeys make their first appearance in the level.
#1 Iggy's Castle   #1 Iggy's Castle is the final level of Yoshi's Island. It consists of the player climbing on fences with Koopas on them. Iggy is the boss of the level.