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Ceremony: OVER






See festivities from 2013

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The Super Mario Wiki was created on August 12th, 2005, 13:47 EDT. On August 12th, 2006, this wiki was off to a good start, but still there was only a small amount of active users. On Saturday August 11th, 2007 with a userbase finally forming, we celebrated our wiki's existence with an awards show on 30 of our favorite Mario topics, including favorite games, music, items, series, moments, enemies, and more.

In 2008, we expanded this magnificent event by including much of our userbase with Userpedia Awards I, and on August 8th, 2008, it turned out to be an even bigger success. 2009 saw our first Fail Awards and 2010 included the first 'Shroom Awards. 2011 brought along game tournaments, a Mafia game and prizes for participation and success in said events. 2013 had our first director election, and everything proceeded much more smoothly than previous years. We hope to honor our re-election by making 2014 even better!

Awards Committee

  1. Turboo (talk) (Director)
  2. Superchao (talk) (Hata no Kokoro) (Sub-Director, 'Shroom Awards Host)
  3. Hypnotoad (talk) (Morty) (Userpedia Awards Host)
  4. Gamefreak75 (talk) (Magolor) (Fail Awards Host)
  5. Uniju :D (talk) (Uniju)
  6. Toadbert101 (talk) (BEEEEEAAARRRS)
  7. Smasher (talk)
  8. Mario4Ever (talk)
  9. Palkia47 (talk) (Dean Winchester)
  10. Pyro (talk)
  11. Lakituthequick (talk) (Lakituthequick)
  12. Super Mario Bros. (talk)
  13. MrConcreteDonkey (talk) (Hilary Briss)
  14. Marshal Dan Troop (talk) (Ripper Roo)
  15. MST3K (talk) (Rocket '3Koon)
  16. Brock (talk) (Naze Youka)
  17. Stooben Rooben (talk) (Stooben)
  18. Groden (talk)
  19. QuizmoManiac (talk) (The Fiery, Burning Passion of True Love)
  20. Super-Yoshi (talk) (Ritsu Tainaka)


Sign-ups for Award Presentations will open July 1st. Users will be allowed to present a maximum of four awards.

What are these presentations, you ask? Well, you get to reveal the results of the award you choose in some sort of digital medium, whether it is a written story (usually a narrative or an interview with a user or Mario series character), a comic, a picture or even a playable game or a combination of multiple forms. These can be serious or silly (though most people prefer the silly ones). Polls close on July 13, so users should receive their results in their inbox on the forums some time between then and the 17th. Presentations will be due August 8th. There are no exceptions. Do not sign up for a presentation if you are unsure if you can complete it. Doing so may result in a ban from creating presentations in future award shows. If something unexpected does come up, tell us as quickly as possible and we will be able to cover for you.

Who can sign up to present:
-Users with accounts on both the wiki and the forum that can complete their presentation within the roughly 3-week window

Who cannot sign up to present:
-Users without an account on the wiki or forum (you must have both)
-Users who are banned on either the wiki or the forums
-Users that have been banned from participating in Awards-related activities

Users that were previously banned but are not banned anymore will be accepted in some cases, but not all. This will be up to the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Certain awards are reserved until further notice (we are PMing certain users and asking them if they would like to present any of them. This helps us with quality control for several important awards). These awards may or may not be opened to the public, depending on responses from the people PMed. Opening awards and A11 (Favorite Major Character) are de-restricted from the beginning this year. Please note you will be held to a higher standard of quality if you sign up for these awards.

Please edit here if you would like to sign up!

Game Tournaments and Other Events

NOTE: Game tournaments and Mafia games are not a guarantee for Mario Awards VIII. The Awards Committee will determine the inclusion or exclusion of these functions.

Mario Awards III featured our first tournament, a Mario Kart tournament. There were no game tournaments in Mario Awards IV, but in Mario Awards V, Baby Mario Bloops (talk) hosted a Brawl tournament. Mario Awards VI featured a TF2 tournament (hosted by Groden (talk)), and a MK7 tournament (hosted by PyroGuy6 (talk)). Mario Awards VII had a second TF2 tournament and a second MK7 tournament (hosted by Groden (talk) and Lakituthequick (talk)/PyroGuy6 (talk), respectively). There was also a Pokemon tournament hosted by Palkia47 (talk), and a Minecraft tournament, also hosted by Lakituthequick (talk)/PyroGuy6 (talk). We hope to have at least one game tournament this year. Anyone wishing to organize a tournament, whether they are an AC member or not, should contact Turb to get everything organized. We will once again have our "Guess the Results" contest to go with this year's Award polls!

One of the best parts of the previous years' events was that we were able to give prizes to the participants who performed well in the numerous tournaments and contests. We hope to be able to give away prizes to the winners this year as well. Anyone who would like to donate prizes to be given out is more than welcome to do so. Please contact Turb if you would like to supply prizes. Recommended items include Steam games, Nintendo points, iTunes cards or gift cards to any other online site or store. Any donation would be highly appreciated.

Mario Awards on Twitter

You are free to bring up anything with us if you feel it appropriate. Suggestions to make the awards more interesting? Issues from last year that need to be resolved? Please, let us know.