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Hello. If you wish to use a custom signature, the code must be in your own signature page (User:Supatoad64/sig). Adding the raw signature code as is should be avoided. As you're not yet autoconfirmed, though, if you'd like I can create it for you. K.K. Slider pose SMM.png Mario JC 05:48, June 17, 2019 (EDT)

OK thanks for the tip, and if you're ok with it then go ahead.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Supatoad64 (talk).
Okay. Just go to your preferences, type in {{User:Supatoad64/sig}} (with the "Treat signature as wikitext" checkbox ticked), save, and you should be good to go. You can modify your signature however you want, so long as it follows MarioWiki:Signatures. K.K. Slider pose SMM.png Mario JC 06:53, June 18, 2019 (EDT)
Alright thanks for your help. Supatoad64 (talk) 00:16, June 19, 2019 (EDT)


Hello, Supatoad64. Good job on your recent uploads. But when uploading files, keep in mind that you must correctly categorize the file. It is simple to learn how to correctly do so. Just search for the correct category by starting with the following groups:

Images Audio/Video Files

When uploading, copy the full title of the category with square brackets, and insert it into the summary text box (below the {{aboutfile}} template), replacing the {{uncategorized}} template entirely. For example, files related to the game Super Mario World would use:

[[Category:Super Mario World Images]]
[[Category:Super Mario World Media Files]]

Please consider the above information before uploading more files. Keep in mind some files can belong to multiple categories. Don't put images into media categories and vise-versa. If you continue uploading files without categorizing them correctly, then a warning will be issued. Thank you for reading, and keep contributing.

Please also note that if you do not wish to use an aboutfile parameter, you must simply remove the parameter. Thanks! TheDarkStar MLBISBJJDarkStar.png 20:46, June 19, 2019 (EDT)

You had it almost right: it should be an image category link, so [[Mario Kart 64]] should be [[Category:Mario Kart 64 Images]] K.K. Slider pose SMM.png Mario JC 21:06, June 19, 2019 (EDT)

Sorry about that. This is all pretty much new to me as other NIWA sites like WikiBound just let you upload images without categorizing, and SmashWiki requires using raw signiture codes for custom signatures. Thanks for the tips. Supa Toad 64, The Best MK64ToadCSP.jpg