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Hi Guys! I Created Account To Other Wikis.

Luigi's battle stance

When I Was Born, I Was File:BabyMarioMKDD.PNG!

Wiki Accouts:

  • Sonic Retro (Not Wiki, But Refences Wiki.)
  • Mario Wiki (This Wiki)
  • WiKirby

Games I Want:

My Favorite Courses In Mario Kart (series):

Unlocked Characters In MK7:

Unlocked Modes In MK7:

I Always Go Mad When Wario Dash Attacks To Make ceiling Fall On Mushroom Retainer In Wario's Woods (SNES). My Favorite Music:

My Favorite Final Smash: File:SSBB Giga Bowser.png. My Favorite Item in MK7:

I Hate Spiny Shell VERY MUCH!

File:Spiny Shell.jpg
This Is That Item, What I HATE IN MARIO KART GAMES!!

My Favorite Wario Game:

My Favorite Multiplayer Game:

Godzilla - Domination.png It Has 3 Heads & 2 Tails, IT'S KING GHIDORAH! Godzilla - Domination.Pic.png It Is Green, His Enemy Is: Godzilla - Domination.png , IT'S GODZILLA! I Like:

  • Pringles.

I Dislike:

  • Fish

I Hate That, When My Big Brother Annoys Me! >:( I Love Kirby Cuz He's So Cute ^o^ ! My Favorite Texture Pack In Mc (Minecraft):

  • Super Mario Texture Pack

I Don't Have Any Idea, Why Minecraft LAGS During NIGHT! Chris Benjamisen Is Creator/Developer Of EE (Everybody Edits). My Favorite Smiley In EE:

My Best Round In Wario's Woods (SNES):

  • 86

I Play Sometimes Super Mario War (Ver. 1.8 Beta 2) In Wario's Woods (SNES), When Round Starts, Birdo And Wanda Are Here. When Birdo's Timer Is Full, Wario Comes And Replaces Birdo. Same Happens To Wanda But She Doesn't Have Timer. Pidgit Replaces Wanda. While Birdo Is Replaced, Wario Makes Trouble To Mushroom Retainer. When Wario's Timer Is Full, Wario Walks Away And Birdo Comes Back With Wanda. Diamonds Appear Only If You Make Diamond Combo. Diamond Combos Are Combos, That Makes Diamond Appear. For Example, If Toad Puts Bomb On Top Of Stacked Monsters, Diamond Appears. And It Would Make Thwomp To Go Up. Here Is All The Smilies From EE What I Have: File:EE - Smiley.png File:EE - Grin.png File:EE - Tongue.png File:EE - Happy.png File:EE - Annoyed.png File:EE - Sad.png File:EE - Surprise.png File:EE - Indifferent.png File:EE - Coy.png File:EE - Extra Grin.png File:EE - Extra Tongue.png File:EE - Angel.png File:Grinch.png File:EE - Maestro.png. My EE Stats: File:EE - PaperMario00.png

Image Of Me (PaperMario10000 As Close Up.) In Minecraft: Minecraft - Paper Close Up.png From the Minecraft. File:Minecraft - Paper Close Up (2).png Another Close Up Pic, Looks Like, It's Also Big.