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  • Joined Super Mario Wiki. 5/12/13
  • Got Pikmin 3 and easily consider it one of the greatest video-games of all time! Seriously, buy it. Like, now. Oh, and My Origin with Mario section is live! 8/5/13
  • Got Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and if I had to describe the best part of it, I'd say... SOUNDTRACK!!! The game is amazing and I love it! 8/13/13
  • Got Disney Infinity, wish it supported faster load times and more players, but love the high amount of creativity it offers! Plus, I added Friends section!8/20/13
  • I wanna personally thank the user, Agentdave7. For supporting me in the development of my user page and teaching me how to use Mario Wiki. Thanks so much Dave! 9/2/13
  • Got The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD! It's flawless in every way. Best Wii U game yet! 10/4/13
  • Got Pok'emon Y. Not only is it my favorite Pok'emon game, it's my favorite Nintendo 3DS game (yet)! Redid user page interface and added Quotes section. Hope you like! 10/12/13
  • Three Nintendo games in ONE day! And I got all three! Super Mario 3D World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds are fantastic games! Both flawless!11/22/13
  • I'm leaving Super Mario Wiki! Bye! 1/22/14

My Origin with Mario!

It all began in my parent's brand new home in 2003 in Colorado. My dad has always been an extremely hard worker and I really must thank him for that. He just started up his Dental Practice and recently picked up a Nintendo Gamecube. While we had a Nintendo 64 prior to this, I was young. Real, real young. All I cared about was food, sleep, dinosaurs, (Okay, a bit off topic, but I was such a dinosaur nerd at age 2 that even helped correct something at Walmart. FOREVER. They were selling a dinosaur toy, forgot what it was, but anyways, I knew instantly that the name for the dinosaur wasn't the correct. I got a hold of an employee and told them that the name wasn't correct and sure enough, I was right.) and Thomas the Choo-choo Train. Well, little did I know that all my interests were about to disappear for something greater than I could imagine. My dad had only picked up 2 games, both of which were Mario titles. Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Party 5. I fell in love with Mario and stared in awe as my dad played these games with my uncle and always dreamed of being able to even touch the controller. Well, luckily for me, I had a pretty easy schedule at the time (Heck I was bored a lot of the time even with NOTHING to do!) and I had learned by watching my dad how to turn the console and kind of play. I started to play MKDD and, dang... I got freaking amazing at the game as a freaking 2 year-old. No joke, I was getting 1st place on 150 Grand Prix and unlocked all the hidden karts, characters, stages, and Mirror Mode!! About a year passed and I knew all the names of the MK racers and learned to love Mario Party 5 and played that game even more than I can remember. I could spend hours stacked upon hours describing everything concerning my origin with Mario, because it's one of my many memories that truly sticks out!

How Mario Changed me for the Best...

Because of Mario, 'till this day I've always been told that I'm extremely creative. And that's good. I think like Miyamoto in many ways such as the way I act (happy and kind), the way I play (Never have I ever owned an M game), the way I create (I often make up my own games by drawing them out. And they are pretty awesome), and the way I want to be (rich). I love Mario and am always doing something that involves him. My favorite Mario game (as well as favorite game ever) is Super Mario 64. The game is so flawless, so happy, such perfect level design, top-notch soundtrack, and so much more. I discovered the game thanks to Youtube, and worshiped it as if it were a God (and that's an understatement!). I own this game on Wii Virtual Console and the Nintendo DS remake. I'm never embarrassed to admit that I love a more kid-friendly series, Mario, but unfortunately that doesn't prevent kids from mocking and teasing me. Like I mentioned above, I've never owned an M game, though I've played a few such as Call or Duty: Black Ops II or Assassin's Creed 3. While they strike many as fun, I simply dislike them. Not hate them, no I actually quite enjoy Black Ops II, (I'd give it a good 7.5/10) but never the same way I'll love Nintendo games. I'm an EXTREME Mario fan/nerd with my room practically being a Mario Mansion! I own every Nintendo 3DS Mario title and every Wii U Mario title as well. I also own a HUGE collection of Mario figurines, plushies, and wallpapers surrounding my palace. Mario is unlike any other video-game series and I highly encourage each and every one of you to try a Mario game or two for yourselves!


Wii U Miiverse ID: Stickers4U

3DS FC: 3153-3749-1775

If you own a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, and have a random urge to befriend me, please contact me via my discussion page and give me your Friend Code! If I don't respond right away, please don't feel discouraged. If I don't respond within months, either, 1. I'm dead. Or 2. I'm ignoring you. I own Animal Crossing New Leaf (which I consider one of the greatest handheld game ever established to this date) and love playing with friends, so there's another reason why I'd love to befriend you all! I also own Pok'emon Y, a phenomenal piece of art from GAME FREAK and realize that it has the absolute best online feature on any game! Wanna hook up with me? Just let me know on my talk page. I also love Miiverse and go by the username, 'Stickers4U'. Bet you'd never guess that. Check me out there also since I spend a good 30% of my Wii U time on there!

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