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limebowser.png Lime Bowser, by SpriteArk

Perhaps the ending has not yet been written...

User Status Holidays
User Age 15
User Location Sydney, Australia
Usual Times Online Erratic
Super Mario Wiki Status Just joined
Edit Count ~30

SpriteArk is possibly the most powerful being ever seen, capable of defeating Giga Bowser, Princess Shroom and a Goomba with only a katana, a tuna fish, and the Quadratic Formula. He enjoys destruction, entropy, and a relaxing game of Myst, in addition to randomly changing person perspective.

Time as a Super Mario Wiki User

Well, I just joined (See, told you I liked changing person perspective... long live third person), so there's not much to put here yet. So far I've been working on Yoshi's Island DS and related articles.

Pages I've Made

Purple Yoshi

Purple Yoshi is my cousin and friend. I like her. :D

DS Collection

SpriteArk (switching perspective again) has the following Nintendo DS games:

  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Warioware Touched
  • Metroid Prime: Hunters
  • Brain Age
  • Advance Wars Dual Strike
  • Mariokart DS