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Roller's Super Cool and Interesting Tower of Boxes that Defines Him and His Opinions As A Person and All the Things He Likes and Whatnot

Hey, Roller's my name, and rewriting's my game. If you have an article that has grammatical errors or needs to be rewritten or expanded, feel free to leave me something on my talk page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I regularly peruse the Rewrite Requested category for work to do.

Here's a list of articles I'm working on right now, to be checked off as I finish them:

Article Rewritten Expanded Partners
Springboard Check mark.svg X mark.svg N/A
Baby Wario Check mark.svg Check mark.svg N/A
Buzzy Beetle X mark.svg X mark.svg Baby Luigi
Spike Trap X mark.svg X mark.svg N/A
Balloon Bridge X mark.svg X mark.svg N/A
Snifit or Whiffit X mark.svg Check mark.svg N/A

Here's a list of images I'm searching for:

Image Uploaded Attached
Dragoneel Treasure Check mark.svg Check mark.svg