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Hi! I'm Rimigafob (a.k.a. Rimig!)! Mario wiki has given me more Mario-ish knowledge, and I'm ready to return the favor! My friend code on my Nintendo 3DS is 1736-3472-6506, so if you leave me a friend request, please let me know about it here!


Here is some info about me (Not personnel stuff, of course!)!

  • My first Mario game was Super Mario World!
  • I'm a big fan of the Mario Party series!
  • Most of the consoles I have ever owned are Nintendo consoles.
  • I absolutely, positively, REFUSE to use swearwords!

My Mario games

I have many Mario games, so I may forget to list a few. Here is my incomplete list:

Basic Mario

Mario Party

My DK games

I like DK better than Mario! Here is a list of my DK games!:

Other Wikis

The other NIWA wikis I have an account on are Smashwiki and DKwiki. The only one where I haven't created my userpage is DKwiki.