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Hell yeah he is in Brawl!!!! I did have a surprise with R.O.B (WTF? xD), but both G&W and R.O.B look good fighters, the Final Smash of R.O.B its so awesome, and G&W entrance is oldschool style, I love the oldschool!!!!!!!!

I can't wait for Brawl!

Games I've Played
Name Comments Calification
75px Super Mario World Nice game. The first videogame i've ever played. A masterpiece of collection 9.0
SMAS.jpg Super Mario All-Stars Well, the Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels feauture was nice . It's a great game, but it could been much better. 8.3
75px Super Mario Sunshine Better graphics than other games. A good imitation of water, but is some kind of Super Mario 64 v2.0. It feautures Yoshi, but... where is Luigi?!?!?! 6.0
75px Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Funny, I haven't got it, but a friend let me play it. I haven't beat it enough 8.5
75px Mario Party 4 The only board I think is good is the Bowser one, the others are too slow and boring. 2 slow 2 furious. 6.0
75px Mario Party 7 Best Mario Party since Mario Party 2. (though I still haven't played Party 6.) File:X mark.png
MK64 Cover.png Mario Kart 64 It's nice. File:Check small.png
Mk doubledash.jpg Mario Kart: Double Dash!! This one is really good. I like the two-racer system. The tracks are nice too, though it would need an additional cup. File:Check small.png
Mario smash football gc pal.jpg Mario Smash Football Nice even for a football game. A problem is the game's limited choice of characters. Other sports games have a quite a lot bigger choice. File:Check small.png
DSMM.jpg Dancing Stage: Mario Mix Not bad, but my feet are freezing. File:X mark.png
75px WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! I don't like it that much. File:X mark.png
75px Super Smash Bros. It can be quite nice, but its sequel owned it. File:X mark.png
75px Super Smash Bros. Mêlée I can't get enough of that. File:Check small.png

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