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“ There's Andy, there's me, [pats holster] and baby makes three!”
Barney Fife

Hello! My name is Luigi=awesome!
I love reading, and, as a pianist, music.
I'm from the US and PROUD of it!
My favorite Mario characters are Luigi, Mario, Popple, and Fawful.
This wiki is awesome. Friendly people, nice info.
My all-time favorite Mario game is.....Super Mario World!!
I'm also a big fan of the Harvest Moon series.

Does this user love how Toadley talks? He does.
Does this user love the Mario RPG games? He does.
Does this user get mad at people who talk bad about Super Mario Galaxy? He does.
Is pizza best eaten cold for breakfast? It is.

My Favorite Games

I pretty much just click "Random Page" and fix any and all grammar and spelling errors on that page. I add any information that I can, but usually leave that to the pros...which I am not...

Games I Want

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2-I got it! It's awesome so far! I'm surprised at how difficult it is, though. That stupid Tall Trunk Galaxy Purple Coin mission was surprisingly hard. *I've now beaten it 100%. Way better than the first.
  • Mario Sports Mix
  • LoZ: Skyward Sword
  • Dude, I NEED a bad...

My Favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters
Toon Link
Diddy Kong

Other Wiki News
Okay, everybody. The NIWA community has recentally been expanded the include Metroid Wiki, and WiKirby. They are in need of major help, so if anyone knows ANYTHING about those two series of games, head over there and help out. Maybe (a very slim maybe), with our help, they will reach the level of excellence that is SUPER MARIO WIKI! Maybe.

My "To Do List"

  1. Correct any and all grammar and spelling mistakes I see.
  2. Fix up the Super Smash Bros. character list discriptions. Really sloppy.
  3. I was looking around the wiki and stumbled on Mona's page. I almost cried. I plan on doing some serious re-writing there.
  4. Has anyone SEEN the Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast page? Ouch...

I really want to sign up to write for the Shroom, but there aren't many openings. I'll keep trying though!