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"I think I should get an unlisted phone number."" - MacGyver, the Macgyver show.

Its a me Yoshi!

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Caped Mario and Yoshi
Previous Nintendo logo (2006-2016): In 2006, the logo's color scheme was changed from red to gray and the registered symbol was made more smaller.
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Sprite of a Spy Guy with a hammer, from Paper Mario.

Hiya! I'm Its a me Yoshi! And welcome to my user page as you can probably tell I'm OBSESSED with Yoshi & Mario! I'm probably the BIGGEST Mario fan of all time! I have all the Nintendo systems except the Virtual Boy. I dont really have anything else to write so this is it. P.S.SMRPG Rules!!!!!!!!! Oh, yeah talk to me any time and send any freind requests! Just click here

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Games I own from NES-Wii and GBC - DS

Image(s) Rating Description Complete
File:SMB Boxart.png 9.0 Great classic! I mostly just go thru warp-zones and whoop Bowser fast! Yes
North American box art for Super Mario Bros. 2 8.7 This game's pretty good I geuss... except that the levels are too easy! Yes
North American box art for Super Mario Bros. 3 9.9 This game's great! Love the gameplay, except some levels are a bit frustrating Almost
North American box art for Dr. Mario on NES 7.0 This game probably only sold because it had Mario's face on it Can't Be
North American box art for Super Mario World 9.0 Ahh... my first Mario game. My dad bought this for my mom in 1993 (aww...) along with the SNES. Been playin' it seince I was 2. Yes
Mario Paint 6.5 On this game youn can paint, create music, and swat flies. Kinda like WarioWare D.I.Y. Can't Be
File:DKC.jpg 9.5 Another one of my first games. I LOVE the music! Yes
North American box art for Super Mario All-Stars 10 WOW!! 4 classics in one game! Now, that's what I call qualitiy! Some
The European boxart for Yoshi's Safari. 9.0 A Mario shooting game. Kinda hard to aim the Super Scope. And not too many levels. Yes
North American box art for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest 9.9 A great game with great music and great graphics. Like that Dixie is in it. No
North American box art of Super Mario 64. 9.3 A pretty good game overall. Needs more Bowser battles Yes
North American box art for Paper Mario 10 Probably my fav. Mario game of all time! Yes
File:MG64.PNG 8.6 An OK game. Just that Wario is extremly hard to beat! No
File:YS Cover.jpg 7.0 OK sorry but this game is WAY too short and easy! Yes
File:MarioPartyBox.jpg 8.9 Great family game! Love the boards! Everything unlocked + 100 stars
File:Nintendo 64-mario kart 64.jpg 9.6 One of the best MK games ever! Yes
North American box art for Super Mario Land 8.9 A pretty good game with awesome enimies! No
The Game Boy version game cover of Yoshi 7.0 Pretty good for a puzzle game. Can't Be
File:SMBDX Boxart.PNG 9.5 Awesome! comes w/ SMB & SMB2 the lost levels. Also love the boo racing. Yes
Luigi's Mansion boxart 8.6 Pretty cool. Pretty fun to replay too. Yes
North American box art for Super Mario Sunshine. 9.7 Great game! Love to explore the Hotel. Yes
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix boxart. 7.5 Finally! A dancing Mario game! Nice remixes! Yes
Mario Party 4 Cover.jpg 6.9 Okay game. Yes
The North American box art for Mario Party 5 7.6 Love the battle car mode! Yes
North American box art for Mario Party 6 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included 8.0 Obivously one of the best MP's. Yes
North American box art for Mario Party 7 with the Nintendo GameCube Microphone included 8.0 Hmm. It was my first game for the NGC so that's why it's so cool. Yes
European boxart of Super Mario Strikers ("Mario Smash Football") 8.5 A little dated seince MSC but still a fun game. Yes
MarioBaseball.jpg 9.0 Still another dated game but again awesome to hit and catch. Yes
North American box art for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 9.5 Ya know this one's got a funny story. When I was in second grade we had to write about someting (ANYTHING) so I wrote about this game. I wrote about killing Bonetail and I got in MAJOR trouble... Yes
The front cover for Mario Power Tennis for the Nintendo GameCube 8.5 Mario playing tennis. Nice charater selection! Yes
European Game Cover 9.0 My first Mario kart. Like the 2 Co-op thing. Yes
The boxart for Wario World. 7.5 Uhh... This a the weirdest game in history. But still not bad for a Wario game. No
File:ToadstoolTour.PNG 8.7 Pretty nice game. Good character selection and fun courses. Yes
File:CoverWheel MKWii.jpg 9.0 Awesome game great wifi. Just awesome. Yes
Boxart of Mario Party 8 8.0 Not the best amount of boards but OK. Yes
Super Paper Mario North American cover art 7.0 I was really dissapointed when I got this because there are no battles. Yes