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Who is online?

Who's online: SonicSpeed48, Yoshi the SSM, Niiue, PhGuy12, SuperLuigiDude, Ffffff, ÜberSFX, MarioComix, DonMaldonadoCN, Ray Trace, Blueberrymuffin, ChillyBeanBAM, MetaKnightmare666, Zootalo, Scrooge200, Koopa con Carne

Paper Mario and the Very Akward... Pen Chapter 1

Mario walks to the castle and discovers that everything is... broken! What will Mario do? Well... he drew a wing cap to fly... but Luigi triggered a cutscene and Mario lost his cap. Luigi said he was sorry meant to do that and Mario got really mad. Mario was so mad he drew pretty ponies to make Luigi pass out. For some reason Luigi did not pass out. He took Mario's pen and changed the logo to "Paper Luigi and the Really Akward... Pen"! How awful.

Paper Luigi and the Really Akward... Pen Chapter 2

Luigi went in the world, with his pen... and then a ghost appeared! It scared Luigi so bad that he passed out.

My QR Codes - Please Note That I Made a Mistake Naming My Pics Almost the Same.

My userpageDsi MarioQR.png My Mii- use on the 3DS. Dsi Mario QR.jpg

New Dsi Mario Shop

Happy New Year! I only take yellow coins,(worth 1 coin,) red coins, (worth 5,) and blue coins..(worth 25),and star bits, (worth 20 100)

Item Description Image Cost
Mini Mario. It's a cute toy! Mini Mario art.png 5 coins
DS, It's called a Training Machine 0px 30 coins
3DS 3D without the glasses. Nintendo3DS 3.png 550 coins
Goomba Something I found walking around. SM64Goomba.png 10 coins
Koopa Troopa Um... NSMB Green Koopa Troopa Artwork.png 5 coins
My Userbox Still Um... -
Ask me to be my friend and I will give it to you.