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This is the fourth reincarnation of Lario/Mr. Guy. That makes me one of the older users on this Wiki, although this account has been around since 2009 (I've been around since April 7, 2007). There's not much I may do, now, but I'll just search random articles for the darnedest mistakes. I'll also add on very trivial information to articles, but you shouldn't undo that- it's harmless. In other words, I'll be trolling by merely adding a few more letters to an article. They are actually relevant, though, and give off a little more detail. Besides that, I'm very active in the forums. If you're not a member there you should join them simply because I'd like to see someone new who lasts for over a month for once.

It has come to my attention that this place has become noobish without me. I'll try to edit more now. (Actually, at least once a week.)

This user page is gonna be under some serious construction. I just want that old feel back... Just look at this for example! Those were the glory days...

Simply put: I'm the resident oldf*g. Remember those days when Rick Rolling was new? I used to be a pretty big newbie, though.


I still am.

Pages I've made

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I remember these hosers from my days: