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Calendar of Events

by Tucayo (talk)

Hello readers! I am Tucayo with another issue of the Calendar of Events, where I cover the most important wiki news and events (which are not many, what did you expect?), birthdays, releases, the Mario calendar, etc.

Game Releases

Well, the only Mario release soon is New Super Mario Bros. Wii coming to stores November 15th.

Wiki News/Events

  • Next issue of The 'Shroom will be released December 9th.
  • There will be a Ultimate Character Tournament meeting November 11th at #ralphchat at 7:30 pm Eastern time to discuss seeding and the brackets; these meetings will take place every Wednesday.

FA Rotation

Users Birthdays

Well, surprisingly, there are not any birthdays registered in The Birthday Thread.

Mario Calendar

Well, that’s all folks! See you next month with more information. BYE!