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Art & Music

By Music & Artwork Team

Directors' Notes

Hello everybody! This is Super Mario Bros., or should I say, Super Paper Mario Bros.! As you can see, this is the Special Issue, so we have a couple of guests writing for The 'Shroom in general. We have a few guest artists for the Music & Artwork Team as well, so I hope you really enjoy our work, as well as the work of all of the other users writing for The 'Shroom. A couple of notes:

  • We have a new writer! His username is P. Trainer! P. Trainer is also our first Suggestions Receptionist, so if you have any suggestions for any of our writers, send it to P. Trainer, and he will send them to the corresponding writers.
  • Another writer who will start in the October issue is Joseph363, who will be covering Box-Art of the Month. Welcome to the team!
  • YellowYoshi127 did such a wonderful job for the last issue, sending his section in one month early and helping me fill in positions, that he is now co-directing the Music & Trtwork Team with me! Congratulations!
  • We have new positions, and some of them are vacant. Go check it out on this page.
  • I am going to thank Tucayo (the Director of The 'Shroom) for planning this Special Edition of the 'Shroom for a very long time, I can tell he is anxious about it and he has been doing a wonderful job as Director.
  • And a final note, Luigi 128 has been fired due to not sending his section in (this is the Special Issue! It is different than most other cases).

Box-Art of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Official box cover for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
I chose this because it is one of the best Wii box-arts and very eyecatching.

Character Artwork of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Artwork of Donkey Kong playing Ice Hockey from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
With all the new Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games artwork out, I decided to use one of them. But, so many to choose from! In the end I chose the DK one because I liked the detail to fur and the quality.

Random Image of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

A Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine.
This is one of the Shine Sprites from Super Mario Sunshine.

Character Music Supplier (YellowYoshi127)

[1] Everybody must love the Toad Brigade and their music. The Toad Brigade are supposed to help you by saying pointless info like 'there are no coins in the water' just in case you are too stupid to notice. Their music is very jolly and quite nice to hear.

Sketch Related to Mario (Superstar Daisy)


Screenshot of the Month (YellowYoshi127)

Early screenshot of Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad in World 1-3 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Note the Red Yoshi.
This is one of the best scenes from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, as it shows lots of the new things in it like Yoshis, 4 players and Toads.

Soundtrack of the Month (P. Trainer)

[2] I chose The Ultimate Show for the first Soundtrack of the Month. From ‘’Super Paper Mario’’, it is the music from the final mandatory boss, Super Dimentio. I chose it because it’s small, quiet intro branching off into an awesome combination of Dimentio’s, Mr. L’s, and Brobot’s themes.

Sprite of the Month (Fire Kirby)

This is a sprite of Yoshi and Mario in Super Mario World while completing a level.

Guest Section (Zeldagirl)

SMB: This is my little sister, Zeldagirl's, work. This will be her last contribution to the Super Mario Wiki, as she is officially retiring. Here are some special sketches for this issue:

This drawing is of a Mushroom.

This drawing is of a Mushroom wearing Mario's cap with the workds "Super Mario Wiki" below it.

Sketch Related to Mario (User:Luigi 128)

trabajo1006-1.jpg trabajo1001.jpg trabajo1005.jpg trabajo1002.jpg