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Directorial Address

Hello, fellow wiki members. This is Super Mario Bros. (talk), the newly‐elected Director of The ’Shroom. I am pleased to announce that I had an overwhelming amount of support in the election; this makes me feel extremely motivated. I know that I have the backing of the users… I will do my best in this coming year to fulfill the duties given to me. I am writing this Address to the users to review my plans for this year and to personally thank everybody who gave me this opportunity to bring The ’Shroom to a whole new level.

I believe that one of my first acts as Director is to officially announce my Core Staff.

All of the users that I have selected for these positions are wonderful users and hard workers. I am glad to announce all of them as the new official Core Staff. There is no doubt at all that all of them will serve us well and that they will be of great assistance in bringing The ’Shroom to a great level of success and quality. That said, I think one of the first projects that we will work on is getting the Section of the Month awards set up again. It is a great idea, but without structure and organization, it will just end up failing like it did the first time the Core Staff tried implementing it. So keep an eye out for more news on our progress in this.

While we are working on this, I will start looking into possible affiliations that can be made. After all, networking is a very big step that The ’Shroom can take in order to increase its writers and viewers. I will be sure to carefully discuss each possible affiliate with the Core Staff before any deals are made; I do not want to rush into anything before it is determined that we will benefit from the affiliations we make.

You can also see monthly polls posted up in The ’Shroom board on the forum, asking how well you think we did in a particular issue and why you feel that way. You can also post other ’Shroom‐related topics in there and post in the other topics that already exist. You can be assured that all posts and polls will be monitored by me (I am a Forum Administrator), as well as 2257 and Ralphfan, who hold Local Moderator powers in the board as well.

As for the rest of my plans? Those will come up in the following months. The Awards Committee usually forms around March, April or May; plans for what Awards the Core Staff would like included will start being made sometime in the near–distant future. The issue in May 2011 will be Issue L (the fiftieth issue), so that is something that I would like to host several special events for. The first ’Shroom Feedback Survey that will be made during my term will come at around this time as well, so be sure to catch up on all of the issues you have missed and to stay consistent in reading the paper!

Once again, I will say that I am ecstatic to have been elected to the position of Director. I feel that the plans that are being set into motion will help make this a year of quality, success, and of great improvement. I feel that this will be an extremely productive year. I feel that this could very well be the best year for our dear paper, The ’Shroom.

I urge everybody to make sure that time is set aside to read the next issue, which will be released on Saturday, February 19th, 2011. As always, warnings will be sent out to our writers to make sure that they send in their sections on time. I am sure that we can make the next issue a spectacular kicking‐off for a new era in 'Shroom history!

Super Mario Bros. (talk)