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Director’s Notes


So this is fun. It was my turn to direct Pipe Plaza this month. So here are some better notes from MG1.


Hey guys! Welcome to the Halloween issue of the Pipe Plaza! Chances are, this issue will be veeeery spooky. Or at least my section will :P

Aside from that there was a surprisingly small amount of people who turned their sections in this month...oh well, maybe next month people will shape up. Remember, we still need more writers! Finally I'd like to thank SMB for directing this issue and tell you to read on!

Featured (MG1)

Hey there! Welcome to the spoooooky section of ‘’Featured’’. What’s so spoooooky about this section? Well, it’s spoooooky because I keep saying spoooooky! Now, let’s see those spoooooky FAs!

And that’s all for this month’s spoooooky section featured!

Forum Update (Ralphfan)

Hi, welcome to this month's Forum Update!

  • Drseaweed was banned after countless occasions of trolling. The ban was enforced shortly after he made racially offensive remarks. He returned as sockpuppets named Doctorseaweed and The Evil Guy, though both were banned.
  • Ralphfan became the first user to reach 10,000 posts.
  • Stooben Rooben returned from hiatus.
  • Spinymaster347 went on hiatus following internet problems.
  • Lario returned from a long hiatus caused by internet problems.

Name changes:

  • BluePikminKong497: BPK497 --> super-electronic magnet man bzzzzz --> Blues
  • FireBabyLuigi11: RealMenOfGenius --> Masked Man
  • Gamefreak75: Dark Samus --> Yin-Yarn
  • JF: Link --> Jesus Freak
  • Marioguy1: Hurricane --> Constellation
  • MrConcreteDonkey: Lemmy Koopa --> Prince Fluff
  • Ralphfan: Lithium --> Sharks Territory
  • SiFi: Quick Man --> Flandre Scarlet
  • SolarBlaze: Doom Phantom --> Zoycite
  • Spinymaster347: Homeless Raccoon --> Leeroy Jenkins
  • Unit4545: Super Troopa V 2.0 --> Phoenix Wrong --> Secret Facepalm

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

When creating a proposal, be sure to make your point clear so you won't have to rewrite it several times during the voting process. And be open to the suggestions of others, too!

Mario Calendar (WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135)

Hello, readers! This is Someone who really needs to beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 I mean WigglerWhoopin'Warrior135 here to tell you about Mario games over the years released in October.

That's about it. See you guys next month! Now go read the rest of Pipe Plaza. Go. Now. Are you still reading this? GO!